Video: Pastor Dresses Up as Disney Character, Sings Aladdin Song for Church

When you don’t believe the Bible is enough for the task set before us, and you believe the pastor’s job is to entertain, you have the utter nonsense you see in the following video.

Word Up Ministries posted the video of Pastor Frankie Floyd dressing up as Disney character, Prince Ali, singing a rendition of a Disney song for the movie, Aladin.

The church notes that it does not own the rights to music on its Facebook page. The act opened the “At the Movies” sermon series, in which various Hollywood films are exegeted for truth instead of the Bible. Storylines are twisted and ostensible truth nuggets are found and extrapolated to make various inspirational points rather than opening up the pages of the Bible.

You can watch the video below.

Your first impulse will be to make fun of the ordeal, both for its lame patronizing of the audience and also for the poor performance.

Your first impulse is correct. You should make fun of this. We all should make fun of this. It has no place in church, and the only people who admire it are lost people who need to be entertained in the house of God, and lost people who don’t care if they’re being patronized.

The pastors explain that they’re doing the sermon series for those who have watched a movie and thought, ‘That will preach.’ They are also advertising things like “candy and popcorn” to the audience.

Please find a God-honoring, reverent, and Bible-focused church to worship with this Sunday. Word Up Ministries in Florida is not one of them.