Just Before Oilfield Attack, Saudi Prince Held Private Meeting with American Evangelicals

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman leaves the Hotel Matignon in Paris, France, April 9, 2018. REUTERS/Charles Platiau – RC1CDD41CDD0

Just days before Saudi Arabia suffered a major terrorist attack that is currently being blamed upon Iran, the Saudi Crown Prince privately flew in powerful American evangelicals, and then rushed them again out of the country before the attacks occurred.

Today, the American press is reporting that intelligence agencies are saying that the attack on a major Saudi oil facility was launched from Iran. Almost immediately after half of Saudi Arabia’s oilfield was taken off-line, Houthi rebels in Yemen, who are backed by Tehran, took credit for the attack. American officials, including those in the Trump Administration, are indeed indicating that the attack was orchestrated by Iran.

U.S. officials have described 17 “points of impact” on the refinery facility, and satellite imagery of the aftermath show regular, accurate points of impact on the facilities that were done either by mid-range missiles or drone strikes.

With President Trump claiming that the United States military was “locked and loaded” in response to the attack, many are calling the attack a “false flag.” The reason for this is because Saudi Arabia has been in conflict with Yemen since 2015, but in spite of overwhelming power and numbers – and with a staggering death toll in Yemen – they have been unable to defeat the Yemenis.

It was then, after four years of conflict, that Saudi Arabia asked President Trump to intervene in the conflict and bring it to a closing resolution with the Houthis. The Trump Administration acknowledged that he was looking for a way to help Iran. And then, the attacks occurred that are predicted to bring America into war.

It is curious, then, that just days before the attacks on the Saudi facility, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met a delegation of influential but unnamed influential American evangelicals. Interestingly enough, Yahoo News reported that the evangelicals also met with Prince Khalid bin Salman, the kingdom’s deputy defense minister.

Weird, right?

This knowledge, of a meeting between the Saudi Prince and Saudi Defense Minister, comes from a tweet by Israeli-American author, Joel Rosenberg, who said…

“Honoured to be back in kingdom of Saudi Arabia for (the second) time in less than a year…We met (with) his royal highness the crown prince (and) other senior officials to discuss terrorism, peace, religious freedom and human rights.”

Religion News services reported, “Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met Tuesday (Sept. 10) with a delegation of American evangelical Christians in the Red Sea city of Jiddah as the kingdom works to forge closer ties with an influential electoral base in the U.S. that could be crucial to the 2020 elections.”

Publications in France and around Europe reported the meeting at the time.

Saudi Arabia has been on a fast-paced race to bring as many influential Americans as possible to the nation in the lead-up to the ‘unexpected’ attack.

No sources have reported the identity of the influential evangelical delegation to Saudi Arabia, and Pulpit & Pen is unaware who, in particular, was involved in the trip. It would be interesting to find out. And, it may be of importance to national security.