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Should Women Preach in Church? Why Brent Hobbs is an Imbecile.

SBC Voices, a blog for Southern Baptist pastors, is going all-in for the defense of women in the pulpit. In doing so, they are either leaving behind their biblically literate congregants or – worse yet – leading them astray. I’m convinced that there is no corner of the religious blogosphere that is as hopelessly ignorant, … Read more

Complementarianism Isn’t Complicated: Women in Ministry

Complementarianism is not complicated. Complementarianism has never been complicated. It’s so simple a learning-disabled chimpanzee could figure it out through sign language. The concept has never been befuddled, muddled, muddied, blurred or beguiled. Southern Baptists – who are always positive that they are well beyond compromise or progressive Downgrade – have suddenly decided that complementarianism is … Read more

SBC Messengers Angry at VP Pence Invite, But Were Silent About 2015 Hillary Clinton Invitation

The informal theme of the 2018 Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting was supposed to be “wokeness,” an awareness of Social Justice and the supposed importance of its various Marxist implications. The SBC-sponsored veneration of Martin Luther King Jr – a man of dubious theological beliefs and abysmal moral character – at the MLK50 event leading … Read more

SBC Launches a Denominational Affirmative Action Database

To be very clear, the creation of a database of minority-status identity groups is the move of certain Social Justice Warriors within the SBC who have been enamored with the recent promotion of Rauschenbuschism by Southern Baptist entities, but the database creation is not an official move of any SBC entity in particular. Rather, the … Read more

Brent Hobbs Defends Lifeway’s Heresy Profiteering, Attacks #the15

The other day, the P&P contributors were chatting in our “convo bunker” about who was the most sychophantic follower of Southern Baptist celebrity leaders. There were a few names mentioned, but Brent Hobbs came to the very top. I know the Southern Baptist blogosphere frontwards, backwards and sideways. Hobbs is, far and beyond, the greatest sycophant … Read more

Liberals Put ‘Transgender’ Into Women’s Prison: He Immediately Rapes Women

In January of this year, Pulpit & Pen reported that Democratic presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren, was making campaign promises to place ‘transgender women’ (IE men) into women’s prison for the sake of “equality.” Well, leftists did just that we then placed a male inmate pretending to be a woman into an Illinois correction facility. He … Read more

Transgender MMA Fighter That Fractured Woman’s Skull Named ‘Bravest Athlete In History’

Outsports, a news outlet that focuses on LGBT issues in sports, has named transgender MMA fighter, Fallon Fox, the “bravest athlete in history.” According to Outsports, the athlete deserves the title because “she was the target of a torrent of hatred I have literally never seen targeting an LGBTQ athlete.” The Post Millenial posted a … Read more

We Should be Prayer Shaming Albert Mohler

We should be prayer shaming Albert Mohler. It will unite the movement against the subversive agenda of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality that are killing our institutions. Prayer shame Albert Mohler today. And prayer shame the rest of the corrupt institutional leaders who say one thing and do another. Pray like this: God in heaven, … Read more

Mass Shooter in Atlanta Was Black, Woke Evangelicals Silent

In the wake of a mass shooting that happened on a black college campus in Atlanta Tuesday — which got very little national coverage — the usual woke evangelical race-baiters are silent. The shooting, where at least four people were shot, happened at 10:30 pm on Tuesday evening. Here is how CNN described the suspect. … Read more

Southern Baptist Blog Blames “Alt-Right” for Alt-Left Weekend Shootings

A progressive SBC blog for pastors is blaming the alt-left shootings over the weekend on the alt-right, proving that sometimes Useful Idiots are really, really idiotic. The Ohio shooter was an Elizabeth Warren supporter, a registered Democrat, and supported gun control. The El Paso shooter’s manifesto absolved neither Republicans nor Democrats of guilt, and he … Read more

Founders Min Board Members Who Resigned Caught Up in Their Own Sex Abuse Scandal

Trying to claim the moral high ground, Tom Hicks and Fred Malone publicly left Founders Ministries over a perceived slight to a sexual abuse victim, Rachael Denhollander. Ironically, they’ve been caught up in a far worse, very real sex abuse cover-up and scandal of their own. Writing of his resignation from Founder Ministries, Malone said… … Read more

“Justice Democrats” Founder is THE Organizer of Evangelical Social Justice Movement

In this bombshell report by Pulpit & Pen, we will demonstrate how Democratic financier and organizer Zack Exley is behind the successful attempt to change the political ideology of America’s major evangelical institutions, ministries, and seminaries through propagation of what is known as “Social Justice.” SUMMARY We will explain—with a compilation of original sources, some … Read more