Southern Baptist Blog Blames “Alt-Right” for Alt-Left Weekend Shootings

Brent Hobbs, author of the article.

A progressive SBC blog for pastors is blaming the alt-left shootings over the weekend on the alt-right, proving that sometimes Useful Idiots are really, really idiotic.

The Ohio shooter was an Elizabeth Warren supporter, a registered Democrat, and supported gun control. The El Paso shooter’s manifesto absolved neither Republicans nor Democrats of guilt, and he supported the alt-left tenets of Universal Basic Income and environmental extremist-based Eugenics.

Yet in the minds of the American left, the anti-Hispanic rage of the El Paso gunman is enough to complain about “alt-right” hatred, as though the gunman’s full manifesto didn’t reveal aspects of an over-all alt-left view. The shooter’s hatred of Hispanics, after all, was due to his concerns over successfully implementing the leftist UBI scheme and concerns over the environment.

The SBC Voices blog, however, blamed the “alt-right” and heralded a 2017 resolution by a race-baiting, egalitarian, charismatic racist, Dwight McKissic as “prophetic” in light of the weekend shootings.

The blog post, written by Brent Hobbs, claims that “alt-right racism” is a massive threat to our nation.

Dwight McKissic’s call for the SBC to speak against the Alt-right and White Supremacist movements proved prophetic. Not only as seen in Charlottesville, but now in other events as well, including the recent shooting in El Paso. But not only in individual events. I continue to believe emboldened white supremacist ideologies are one of the greatest threats our society faces today.

There is no record of SBC Voices posting articles critical of Black Lives Matter or Antifa, two violent domestic terrorist organizations.