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Liberals Put ‘Transgender’ Into Women’s Prison: He Immediately Rapes Women

In January of this year, Pulpit & Pen reported that Democratic presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren, was making campaign promises to place ‘transgender women’ (IE men) into women’s prison for the sake of “equality.” Well, leftists did just that we then placed a male inmate pretending to be a woman into an Illinois correction facility. He immediately raped women.

WTTW (a Public Broadcasting Service affiliate) is reporting that “an inmate at Illinois’ largest women’s prison says she was raped by a transgender inmate who was transferred into her housing unit last year, and claims Illinois Department of Corrections officials conducted a ‘sham investigation’ to help cover up the incident.”

Yay for feminism. Good job, gals.

In a federal lawsuit filed last week, an inmate (whose name is being withheld because she’s a victim) at the Logan Correctional Center in central Illinois said that “after being sexually assaulted in June 2019, she was coerced by a supervisory officer into denying the attack took place and then punished for filing a ‘false’ complaint under the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).”

The suit names Logan’s acting warden Beatrice Calhoun as a defendant, along with officers Brent Keeler and Todd Sexton.

WPPX says, “The transfer of transgender inmates from male to female prisons has been a contentious policy within IDOC…In an attempt to justify the transfers, Defendants Sexton, Calhoun, Keeler and currently other unknown IDOC employees covered up the sexual assault of Plaintiff and tried to falsely classify it as consensual, to keep it from being considered a PREA violation.”

How far will society go to give mentally ill sexual predators easier access to their prey?