Warren Promises to Put Men Into Women's Prisons 'For Safety'

Warren Promises to Put Men Into Women’s Prisons ‘For Safety’

You know that the feminist revolution has ended when a leading presidential candidate is seriously promising to place dangerous male inmates into female prisons in the name of “equality.” Yet, that’s exactly was Elizabeth Warren has promised to do.

By “trans women,” Warren means “men who pretend they are women.” She claims that men that pretend to be women in men’s prisons are at risk, which is likely true.

However, to place men inside women’s prisons is to put women at risk. Warren seems to not care about the safety of actual women, demonstrating that feminism is surely dead.

Does she think that women want to be jammed into a 4×6 cell with a mouth-breathing, hairy-backed neanderthal guilty of rape? It’s a good thing incarcerated women can’t vote, because Warren would not win their demographic.

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