Mass Shooter in Atlanta Was Black, Woke Evangelicals Silent

In the wake of a mass shooting that happened on a black college campus in Atlanta Tuesday — which got very little national coverage — the usual woke evangelical race-baiters are silent. The shooting, where at least four people were shot, happened at 10:30 pm on Tuesday evening.

Here is how CNN described the suspect.

Atlanta police on Wednesday released video of the suspected gunman. He wore a white T-shirt, gray sweat pants, a tan Gucci hat and gray New Balance sneakers, police said.

No mention of the shooter’s race.

Following two recent mass shootings in El Paso, TX and Ohio, the usual race-baiting woke Evangelicals such as Kyle Howard, Thabiti Anyabwile, Dwight McKissic, and their woke white brethren like Brent Hobbs, all began their circle-smirk of self-congratulatory virtue-signaling against “white supremacy.” Of course, these previous shootings really had little if anything to do with white-supremacy or white-nationalism — especially from a Christian perspective — yet it’s how the narrative was spun on the woke Christian blogs and social media for days.

Now, after at least two mass shootings that were perpetrated by black shooters, these same people are … crickets.

Democrats have one agenda: to turn the country to the left. And they will do whatever needs to be done in order to make that happen — including infiltrating the Church and inserting leftist-propaganda cloaked in Christian speak. Russell Moore is a born-natural at this. While we can say that sadly, many of these people are just useful idiots who are incapable of having an original thought — namely Brent Hobbs and Dave Miller — a great multitude of them know exactly what they’re doing.

Sadly, it’s working.

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