Prophet Claims Baby Was Raised from the Dead (and Ray Comfort is There)

A famous charismatic charlatan and notorious false teacher, Andrew Womack, recently claimed that a baby was raised from the dead in his facilities. Then he interviewed Ray Comfort, who’s not a heretic and appeared out of place.

While we appreciate the Law-Gospel evangelism of Ray Comfort, Pulpit & Pen has to give him a loving hand-slap for being repeatedly involved with notorious false prophets. Basic Biblical holiness requires just one degree of separation from false teachers, and as you can see from the screenshot above, there wasn’t a single degree.

Womack claims at the 6-minute-mark that a baby was just raised from the dead at his service, and “thousands were healed” (even though he says only 2.5k were in attendance).

But no, the cameras were not on. And out of 2.5 thousand people in America in the year 2019, nobody had a camera phone. Also, nobody blogged about it or mentioned it on Facebook or Twitter.

Nobody…said…a…word about a dead baby resurrection. And that’s weird because we’re still talking about a real resurrection that happened two-thousand-years ago.

You can hear Womack give the claim at about the 6-minute-mark.

If you love Ray Comfort, you might send him an email and encourage him not to be involved with those in the New Apostolic Reformation. There’s really no good excuse for him to involved with Womack, and it’s a bad look for all of us who take Christianity seriously.