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Animal Rights Groups See Karen Swallow Prior as Important Ally, Back in 2007

…there is much for me, as an anti-abortion activist, to respect in the animal rights movement. – Karen Swallow Prior (The Liberal Case Against Abortion, pg 63 source link) Karen Swallow Prior, who serves on the “faith advisory board” of the radical Humane Society with Islamic imams, Jewish rabbis, and others (source link) in order … Read more

ERLC Posts Retraction and “Explanation” of Ridiculous Animal Rights Video

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission has previously partnered with the radical Humane Society (they do not operate animal shelters; they advocate for an end to modern animal husbandry and vegetarianism in an agenda every bit as extremist as PETA) to create the Every Living Thing animal rights campaign. Spearheading their 2015 animal rights push was … Read more

ERLC Produces Animal Rights Video, Then Deletes It

**Updated with ERLC video at the bottom of this post. The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention, which is run by progressive globalist and former Democratic staffer, Russell Moore, posted a video today from Charles Camosy advocating his radical animal rights agenda. Moore, who also works for George Soros’ Evangelical … Read more

Liberty University Has Michael Vick Preach on Animal Rights…Not Satire.

Michael Vick has been redeemed. At least, that’s what radical animal rights activist, Karen Swallow Prior, wants you to think. Prior is a professor at Liberty University, a research fellow for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, who has frequented gay film festivals, was chosen by animal rights activists to infiltrate evangelicalism since at least … Read more

Southern Baptists' Secret Animal Rights Agenda

Southern Baptists divert approximately four million dollars from missions every year to the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. Since the inauguration of ERLC president Russell Moore, that four million dollars has given Southern Baptists the return of a strong advocacy for a Mosque to be built in New Jersey, a softening tone on homosexuality, a partnership with … Read more

Spurgeon-Twisting: Why the Prince of Preachers Would Not Embrace Animal Rights Activism

This is an article I never thought I would have to write. And yet, my love for Spurgeon compels me to save our bearded hero from being kidnapped by a Shakespeare-quoting self-pronounced feminist and her legion of gay fans, shoving him gagged and bound into an animal rights pigeon hole. In an article originally entitled, … Read more

“The Economy of the Country Be Damned” – The Animal Rights Advocacy of Karen Swallow Prior

The Wall Street Journal picked up the story of the ERLC’s partnership with the radical Humane Society in a post today, entitled Prayers, Puppies and a Political Menagerie. The subtitle for the article was “An Odd Alliance of the Humane Society and Christian Groups.” No kidding. Pulpit & Pen has been saying that for months. … Read more

Karen Swallow Prior and an Animal Rights Trojan Horse in the ERLC

See the guy engaged in “heavy petting,” tender caressing and kissing the cow he “saved” from slaughter? This video was recently posted by the Humane Society of the United States as a part of their “Farm Animal Protection Campaign,” the same Humane Society which employs a “faith advisory council” upon which ERLC Research Fellow Karen … Read more

SBC Joins Animal Rights Activism

The SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission will be revealing the Evangelical Statement on Responsible Care for Animals in conjunction with the Ethics and Public Policy Center and Clapham Group. The statement, which the ERLC calls a “unifying document,” will be joined with the Every Living Thing Campaign. The statement can be found already at … Read more

Village Church Promotes Abortionist Sympathizing, Feminist, Animal Right Activist,

Karen Swallow Prior is known to sympathize with abortionists, defending them in the pages of Christianity Today from the accusations of murder, said abortion is not murder and that calling abortion murder is “unchristlike” (link).* Karen Swallow Prior said that violence towards animals solicits from her a more emotionally visceral response than abortion (link). Karen … Read more

Animal Welfare and the SBC

Pulpit & Pen has been reporting for months about the socially progressive agenda of Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) fellow Karen Swallow Prior.  With the publishing of Every Living Thing: How Pope Francis, Evangelicals, and Other Christian Leaders Are Inspiring All of Us to Care for Animals, Southern Baptists have a whole new … Read more

Pet Sematary! Cindy Jacobs Can Raise Animals From The Dead

In a stunning revelation of supernatural gifting that would make even Stephen King proud, prophetess and blessed miracle worker Cindy Jacobs revealed that she can raise pets and sundry critters from the dead. She made the point during a live stream last night, embedded below, at around the 4:00 minute mark. After being asked if … Read more

Founders Ministries Contributor Refers to Woke Leftists as “Progressive Conservatives”

In Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984, the antagonist “Big Brother” invents a new language because the rulers know that if they control language they can control thoughts. “After all, what justification is there for a word which is simply the opposite of some other word? A word contains its opposite in itself. Take ‘good’, for instance. … Read more