ERLC Produces Animal Rights Video, Then Deletes It

**Updated with ERLC video at the bottom of this post.

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention, which is run by progressive globalist and former Democratic staffer, Russell Moore, posted a video today from Charles Camosy advocating his radical animal rights agenda. Moore, who also works for George Soros’ Evangelical Immigration Table advocating an end to national sovereign borders and who has made himself a regular antagonist of POTUS, was virtually silent on the recent pro-LGBT Revoice (he defended Karen Swallow Prior’s endorsement of the conference, and only expressed reservations the day the conference began, after he was contacted by the Baptist Press). Moore had time, however, to direct Southern Baptist resources to produce and post a video advocating for animal rights.

The video, which compared animal rights to the sanctity of life for the unborn, reportedly called people, “human animals.” The comparison of animals to people and drawing the moral equivalency between animal abuse and abortion was angering to many, including many who are not regular critics of the ERLC’s progressivism.

The video in question was of Charles Comosy making the controversial statements. Camosy, who is an animal rights activist and believes that modern animal husbandry is a “sin” and who advocates for “ethical eating,” has partnered with the ERLC before in their own attempt at replacing important social causes like traditional marriage and the abolition of abortion with animal rights and other progressive causes.

In the video below (which is not the video from the ERLC that has now been scrubbed from the Internet), Comosy calls factory farming a “sin.”


Camosy explains his book, What Would Jesus Eat, in this video. And in this video, Camosy advocates considering turning away from meat consumption altogether.

Camosy has partnered with the ERLC in the production of the animal rights declaration, Every Living Thing. We have reported extensively on Every Living Thing, which was produced in partnership with the radical animal rights organization, the Humane Society and edited by feminist, egalitarian and gay-affirming ERLC research fellow, Karen Swallow Prior.

Prior, who Russell Moore promoted to ERLC research fellow and who claimed that abortion is not murder, likewise said that she wishes that eating grocery store meat would end “even if the economy of our country be damned.” She’s also on record saying that she thinks pets go to heaven because when you name them you give them “personhood” and that Michael Vick (the professional athlete guilty of dog fighting) makes her more upset than abortionists.

After posting the video from Camosy likening animal abuse to abortion of humans and calling people “human animals,” the ERLC took the video down. Currently, the link can still be found through search engines and social media, but the site has been redirected to the ERLC homepage.

The ERLC has since given no explanation.

[Editor’s Note: Tom Ascol provided a link to the video that apparently was saved by someone. You can find it here or watch it below. Notice that Camosy says that animal rights is a part of the pro-life movement and refers to human beings as “human animals”]