The Catholic Revoice: Drag Queens Pose with Priest at Church

Karen Swallow Prior, the feminist ERLC research fellow, isn’t the only faux-Christian leader posing with abominables on the red carpet. Apparently, signaling your virtue by posing with those whose lifestyles demonstrate their hatred of God has become in vogue. Fr. Fernando Báez from La Breña, Gran Canaria, Spain has made international news for posing in celebration with, well, whatever is represented in this photo.


To make it more sacrilegious, they’re posing in front of the “holy altar” and you can see an idol of Jesus in the background. Also, to be blunt, the priest looks like he’s rather enjoying it. Some of the priest’s parishioners have contacted the bishop to ask that the priest be recalled or formally disciplined. The Vicar General, Hipólito Cabrera, has publicly stated that how they deal with the priest will be an “internal matter.”

The church hosted a celebration in honor of Saint Joseph and the Virgin of the Pine, where the drag queens were invited to take part. The priest has already made waves in Catholic circles for denying apparitions of Mary.

It is unlikely that the priest will face charges for this incident. It is also unknown whether Nate Collins or Preston Sprinkle of the Revoice Conference were present at this event.

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