They’ve Had Enough: Conservative Baptists Form Group to Fight Liberal Drift

Southern Baptist leaders most responsible for the liberal drift in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) – chiefly Albert Mohler and Danny Akin, presidents of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary respectively – claim there is no liberal drift in the denomination. Meanwhile, both seminaries have sold out to the leftist ideologies of Critical Race Theory, Cultural Marxism, and progressive Social Justice.

This year’s pastors conference will feature numerous speakers who have female pastors in their church and will include at least one female pastor herself. Beth Moore, who has come out of the closet as a gay-friendly feminist, was recently lauded as a possible next president of the Convention by denominational heavy hitters (this year’s honor will go to Mohler instead). The SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) has done everything possible to redefine “pro-life” to include socialist welfare programs, poverty eradication, gun control, and amnesty for illegal aliens, and its army of “research fellows” are doing everything possible to keep evangelicals from voting Republican. Meanwhile, the ERLC has been almost completely silent on pro-life legislation that zoomed through the legislatures in 2019. In fact, the ERLC told us not to preach about abortion from the pulpit. The ERLC and SBC president JD Greear have been using an Obama staffer and Democrat campaign staffer to lecture Southern Baptists against voting Republican. JD Greear also told us to use preferred gender pronouns.

In response, a new coalition of conservative Southern Baptists is forming to help drive the denomination back to the right, where it belongs.

The Conservative Baptist Network is being launched today and will help to coalesce conservatives together in an increasingly liberal denomination. The Christian Post cites Brad Jurkovich of First Baptist Church in Bossier City, Louisiana…

“We are concerned about the current road our Southern Baptist family is traveling. It is a road that is twisting what God’s Word is saying about things like human sexuality, biblical racial reconciliation, and socialistic justice.”

He continues, “There are three choices that every pastor and church have to make.”

Those three options, Jurkovich explains, are to remain in the SBC and say nothing and watch it drift into obscurity; walk away entirely, cognizant of what they are leaving behind; or remain within the denomination and contend for the restoration of what has been lost in recent years.

Liberals in the SBC have had a field day mocking the movement, claiming the SBC is perfectly conservative and anyone who says otherwise might as well be living in a tin-foil hat.

Communicating with ERLC official and professional idiot, Bart Barber, Beth Moore mocked the idea and excused leftism by claiming “nobody really follows the Scripture.”

The woke Social Justice blog, now largely defunct, called SBC Voices, claimed in an article that the entire denomination is already conservative, despite objective reality.

The time has come for ordinary Southern Baptists to acknowledge that the Southern Baptist Convention has been overtaken by forces far more left than those who held the reigns prior to the Conservative Resurgence. The leaders of that movement in the 1980s would not be able to fathom the leftward drift of the SBC or the betrayal of conservatism at the hands of Albert Mohler and other once-conservative leaders.