Bart Barber and the Professional Idiots of the Southern Baptist Convention

I have no affinity for these men. I sense no brotherhood with them. Despite the fact that they are pastors, I have no regard for them and give them no honor. They are due no respect, no reverence, no esteem, and have no place at the table of communion among the saints. They are godless, gutless, gratuitous idiots who the world would be better off without.

It is true that the pastorate often attracts men with no ability to make it in the real world. The church is often a soft place that provides a soft landing for men of soft hands and a softer intellect. The pastorate has too often become the fat-trap and cesspool for talentless, soulless, effeminate hacks who are drawn to an office job in which they only occasionally waddle their potluck-swollen paunches out to the nursing home to romance dying widows. Their idea of ‘visitation’ is showing up wherever there is cake. Their job is to preach to choirs, pretend like they manage the women who instead manage them, and sit back while their congregation reads from a Lifeway quarterly, creating armies of world-washed, brainless Southern Baptist drones. Other than waiting for pastor appreciation month to roll around so they can eat at the Golden Corral with a gift certificate, these men have little to do with their time besides play fantasy sports and opine on college basketball on Facebook.

The only reason these men have jobs is because they live such a miserable life of uselessness that no one of higher intellect, skill, or drive covets their position. Put plainly, they represent the pastorate so poorly that no self-respecting young man would dare desire the office lest they surrender their life as wasted, so far as it has been portrayed to them.

Oh, how I despise the professional idiots in the Southern Baptist Convention.

The SBC is full of such men. They live for the occasional finger sandwiches offered them at associational meetings, love to drive on the church’s dime to the annual convention to act like they are something other than Non-Player Characters, and serve as vacationary tourists to the Third World once a year so as to fill up their Instagram with pictures of little black children to impress the people back home who never left Peoria.

The Southern Baptist Convention is promoting Critical Race Theory, Cultural Marxism, and Black Liberation Theology. The hours documenting this in video, audio, and with class notes from SBC seminaries verify this beyond even a shadow of a doubt. The ERLC has done nothing but attack President Trump through its army of leftist “research fellows” and are literally inviting Obama’s Democrat campaign staffers to lecture us on “civility.” For mercy sakes, the ERLC lobbied to get a Mosque built in New Jersey. SBC leaders are promoting women pastors, preachers, and even tossing around the idea of a female president of the Southern Baptist Convention. They invited Hillary Clinton to preach at a Southern Baptist pastor’s conference! The SBC president recently supported preferred pronouns for trannies and said it was alright to believe in evolution (and that was just the last three weeks). All the while, this cabal of the devil is convinced that they are true “conservatives,” but only if they grade on a sliding scale and if compared to United Methodists.

That the Southern Baptist Convention is going to hell in a handbasket can hardly be documented here. This entire website is devoted to daily reporting on the Downgrade in the SBC and the new, ingenious ways invented by the leftists and liberals that run the entities.

Who I find truly despicable in the self-destruction of the SBC are not only the Judas Priests who serve as wolves in sheep’s clothing, pretending they’re conservatives while they promote a wildly liberal and unbiblical worldview on everything from homosexuality to rampant globalism like JD Greear, Albert Mohler, Danny Akin, Ronnie Floyd, or Russell Moore. Who I find despicable are the class of professional idiots who make their home in Southern Baptist pulpits.

Bart Barber is one such professional idiot.

Barber is on the leadership council of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), so he’s hardly a neutral source on the topic. Barber is precisely the type of hayseed pastor and local-yokel clergyman that corrupt entities lust after to put on their leadership councils and trustee boards. They need the kind of inbred naivety that men like Barber can give. Their blatant stupidity is a commodity that enriches Southern Baptist elites.

We have given the facts and explained how the BP lied about Soros in the articles here and here and in a podcast episode here.

Of course, the “slanderous lies” that Barber refers to are indeed actual facts. We didn’t have to go to great pains to demonstrate the association of George Soros with the Evangelical Immigration Table because it’s very simple: The Evangelical Immigration Table was founded by the National Immigration Forum. The National Immigration Forum’s largest donor is… George Soros.

This is understood in the article Barber posted from the propaganda arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, the Baptist Press. They actually (incorrectly) name Soros as the chair of the National Immigration Forum. Although they stop short of the truth that the NIF founded the EIT, they do acknowledge the NIF “supports” the EIT. Barber, who apparently is distracted easily, doesn’t seem to be able to read far enough into the Baptist Press article to see they contradicted themselves.

Barber, the useful idiot that he is, apparently believes the Baptist Press – run by the Executive Committee of the SBC – is an impartial source of some kind. The Baptist Press went on to source the ultra-leftwing outlet, Snopes, in their contradiction of the fact about Soros relayed by Breitbart. Again, Barber, in all his glorious obtuseness, thinks that the propaganda outlet of the denomination is impartially and accurately reporting information with such authority that he can accuse those reporting Soros’ ties of “slanderous lies.”

Barber’s ignorance ought to be scandalous.

This brainless zombie-ism is what has gutted the Southern Baptist Convention of its wits and soul. Pastors are supposed to be thinking, coherent, conscious, sentient human beings. Barber, and the thousands like him in SBC pulpits, are the slack-jawed dimwits on the sidelines watching an innocent woman be raped, but too ineffectual and braindead to know what they’re seeing or to stop it.

I genuinely don’t think men like Bart Barber have a thought unless it is first issued to them by the Southern Baptist Convention. With the denomination going to hell around them, these men are content to gnaw away on finger foods, nodding approvingly at whatever shameful act of doctrinal sodomy is being conducted right in front of their faces while they stand there picking their belly-buttons.

Barber is known as an affable person, kind, generous-spirited, a real lovely fellow. I don’t care one bit about how true that may be. Above all else, Barber – and the kind of idiocy he represents – is dangerous. He may have all the traits you want grandma to have, this may be true. But pastors like this ruin churches by their cowardice and sheer stupidity. They don’t need to be anywhere near a pulpit.

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