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Jeff Dornik Is Stupid, and I’m A Tad Stupid for Responding To Him

“Jeff the GK” is an obnoxious vegan with faux-hawk coiffed hair from Southern California who occasionally shows up on the periphery of polemics news, does some kind of weird dance to get a minimal amount of attention, and then jumps back into the shadows of obscurity. He’s what we call in alternative Christian news a … Read more

Jeff Durbin, Secret Recordings, and Apologia Church: Delete After Reading

Editors Note: The following accounts are given to demonstrate that Apologia Church in Phoenix has repeatedly used secret recordings of church members in an abusive fashion and engaged repeatedly in ‘hard shepherding.’ All of the information to follow has come directly from those closely associated with Apologia Church who contacted Pulpit & Pen or Bible … Read more

Questions for Jeff Durbin and Apologia Church that Need Frank Answers

We have been inundated with phone calls from former Apologia members and residents in the Phoenix area and asked that Jeff Durbin answer the following questions: 1. Have church members at Apologia left over disagreements related to leadership secretly recording their confessions of sin and later using them against them? 2. Have leadership at Apologia … Read more

Spot-On: “Democrats’ God is the God of Their Imagination,” Says Robert Jeffress

Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, appeared on the Fox Business Channel and then recently claimed that the Democrat’s god is the god of their imagination. When asked about Pete Buttigieg (the homosexual Indiana mayor running for president) and his castigation of Christians who believe in immigration law and order, Jeffress played … Read more

Disgraced Ergun Caner Joins Robert Jeffress at “Camp Meeting”

Ergun Caner resigned from Brewton Parker College in Georgia after a sexting scandal and multiple adulterous relationships (including at least one with a faculty member). This is after African American students protested his presidency when he made repeated racist remarks (including saying that someone had “ni**er-di*cked” him). Then, Caner filed for divorce from his wife, … Read more

United Methodist Church Seeks to “Discipline” Jeff Sessions for Enforcing the Law

Attorney General Jeff Sessions quoted Paul in his defense of enforcing laws and consequences. Hillary Clinton quoted Jesus to support the violation of laws and repudiation of consequences. Albert Mohler, Russell Moore, and the United Methodist Church all have one thing in common. They all ignored Clinton’s butchering of Matthew 19:14 (as though “suffer not … Read more

Worldview Weekend Contributor, Jeff Dornik, Embraces Necromantic/Occultic Evangelism

Pulpit & Pen has written about Jeff Dornik twice before, who was one of the newest members of the Worldview Weekend roster after Justin Peters, Mike Abendroth, Jesse Johnson, and Susan Heck left the podcast network last year. Dornik began to do the proverbial dirty work of Brannon Howse, attacking Phil Johnson and anyone associated … Read more

Jeff Durbin, More Popular than Jesus

“We’re more popular than Jesus now.” – John Lennon Fifty-one years ago, the London Evening Standard published an interview with the Beatles, the rock group that had taken the world by storm. John Lennon, one of the Beatles, gave the above statement, and it didn’t receive much attention until the interview was re-published in an … Read more

Jeff Durbin Sells Out Protestantism Over Reformation Weekend; Affirms ‘Millions of Saved Roman Catholics’

Robert Jeffress of FBC Dallas invited a Roman Catholic to take the stage on the Lord’s Day, the week before Reformation Sunday. Sean Hannity, who is still a member of the Roman Catholic Church and still refers to himself as a Catholic, talked about politics and promoted his ‘Christian’ movie to Jeffress’ church members. Given … Read more

Robert Jeffress Demands Apologies from Critics, Claims Hannity Interview Shared The Gospel

Recently, Robert Jeffress interviewed Roman Catholic political activist Sean Hannity during the Sunday Morning service at his church (Read more about this here). About this, Nebraska senator Ben Sasse (R) Tweeted about this, “Christians: Are we really this ignorant of the Scriptures?” He then quoted John 18:36 as saying, “Jesus answered, ‘My Kingdom is not of this … Read more

Pastor Jeff Lasseigne of Greg Laurie’s Harvest Church Asks Statue of Pope Francis to Pray for Harvest Crusades

Jeff Lasseigne, a pastor at Greg Laurie’s Harvest Christian Center, recently put out a video of him asking a statue of Pope Francis to pray with him for the upcoming Harvest Crusades. This man is greatly deceived if he believes the Pope, in real form or in statue form, has any ability to intercede … Read more

“Sir, I know Jeff Durbin” – James White Chides JD Hall

On today’s episode of The Dividing Line, James White argued that JD Hall’s recent critique of Jeff Durbin and Apologia Church was out of line because he “doesn’t know” Jeff Durbin.  To the contrary, James White does know Durbin.  Not only does he know him but, according to White, he is one of Jeff Durbin’s greatest theological influences.  On the Dividing … Read more

A Time to Kill? Jeff Durbin Forgets He is a Theonomist

“So you like my daughter, do ya now?”  Casey Beathard, Cleaning This Gun As Len Pettis has pointed out, host of Aplologia Radio and Theonomist Jeff Durbin is fond of saying, “You don’t live that way,” when he takes atheists to task for the inconsistency of their worldview.  According to Jeff Durbin, the atheistic worldview … Read more