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An Open Letter to Christians Using Preferred Pronouns

Dear Christians Who Use Preferred Gender Pronouns,

We are seeing many Christians compromise on this important issue. Should we use the preferred gender pronouns for those suffering from confusion, delusion, or deceit about their gender? The Southern Baptist Convention president says yes. The Revoice ‘gay Christian’ lobby says yes. The ‘Reformed’ Rosaria Butterfield says yes. The popular internet apologist, James White, seemed to agree with Rosaria’s view in a recent webcast and started to change his mind on the subject as early as February leans toward yes.

To those who have decided to use the pronouns that perverse people with vile affections (Romans 1:26-32) think best correlate with their “expressed gender identities,” I am writing this open letter to you.

You are liars and you lie because you are of your father, the devil (John 8:44).

Might every last one of you who choose to accommodate this sinfulness either repent of your wicked capitulation or might you drown in the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God (Revelation 14:19). Might you halt your evil and lying tongue immediately or might God smoke you like incense crafted from the molten sulfur of Sodom (Psalm 11:6). Might you repent of lying with the lisp of Satan’s forked tongue or might you melt like a wax figurine beneath the blast furnace of hell.

May the Lord rebuke you, you workers of iniquity (Matthew 7:23).

God has made each person either male or female (Genesis 5:2). I repeat, God has made both these distinctions and he has made people one or the other. Any person that seeks to declare their gender different than what God made them is seeking to place themselves in the seat of God the Creator, committing the sin of Eve when she was cast from Eden (Genesis 3:5) and Satan when he was cast from Heaven (Isaiah 14:12-15).

In short, to declare your own gender is to attempt a coup d’etat of Heaven, to overthrow God, and to sit on his throne as the Creator and the dispenser of genders. Might the Lord cast you down like the civilization of Babel and scatter you like its haughty descendants (Genesis 11:9).

When you use someone’s “preferred gender pronoun that corresponds with their expressed gender identity” you are bearing false witness against them (Exodus 20:16). We are not to lie about our neighbors, and even the wicked and/or mentally or spiritually ill are our neighbors (Luke 10:25-37). If you were suffering from a mental or spiritual malady that gave you delusions or self-deceptions, you would not want people to reinforce it, but free you from it. Ergo, to use ‘preferred pronouns’ is not loving your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:31). It is mean-spirited and unloving.

Furthermore, to lie about someone’s pronoun is not only to bear false witness against your neighbor, but it is to bear false witness against God. God made them male or female, and you lie about the King of Glory and the work of his hands. If someone were to say that heavens declare the glory of Satan and the stars show his handiwork, they would be blaspheming God. And because God makes gender, to imply an individual gets to make their own gender by using their preferred pronouns, is blaspheming God.

“It is hospitable to use preferred pronouns,” you say. God damns that notion. You, who use that excuse, are like Lot who suggested opening his doors and handing his daughters over the Sodomites as a compromise. Shame on you, you wicked beasts. We must not be hospitable to sin. The biblical call to hospitality is not absolute, and we are not so much as to invite in for a seat or to offer a glass of water to false teachers (2 John 1:10). What kind of hospitality shall you offer to those who blaspheme your God?

“It’s just a pronoun. It’s the least we could do to win them to Christ,” you say. Your logic is not only illogical, it’s of the devil. You cannot win people to Christ with sin, you insufferable fools. You win people to Christ to save them from sin (Matthew 1:21). If you think participation in sin is a tool for evangelism, you are genuinely an awful Christian, and probably aren’t one at all.

“It’s just the smallest amount of compromise, you say. And you sound like the devil, you brood of vipers. That’s what he whispers in the ear of every sinner upon their first dalliance into wicked deeds. Do you not hear the devil’s effeminate lisp come out of your mouth when you say such a thing? Can you not feel his hot, putrid breath in your ear when you hear that hell-damned comment?

“It’s just a matter of basic respect,” you say. Indeed, it is. And you respect sin, you serpent. But rather, you ought not to fear those who can kill the body, but rather fear God, who can cast your body and soul into hell (Luke 12:5). If you had the respect for God and his truth like you had respect for Sodom, you would not utter the word ‘respect’ when used for the object of perversion. Have respect for God and get on your knees and repent for ever using a preferred pronoun. Repent for your respect to vile affections and not respecting God, which is shown by hating evil (Proverbs 8:13).

You bloviating, arrogant Bible-twisters who speak lies with self-righteous, falsely pious attempts at defending lies with Bible verses about hospitality and kindness, compromise and respect, might God rid the world of your ideas and if not, might he rid the world of you.

You have not changed your views of ‘pronoun etiquette’ in the last 24 months because you have come to some enlightened view of Scripture. You have changed your view on this because you are a friend of the world and an enemy of God (James 4:4). You have changed your view on this because you love the world and the things in the world more than you love Jesus (1 John 2:15). You have changed your view because you are a coward and fear man, and have thus fallen into a trap (Proverbs 29:25).

I leave you with this thought: Of those who “shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death” (Revelation 21:8), the first category mentioned of those worthy of hellfire are “the cowardly.” And you, those who use preferred pronouns, rank among the worst of them.

[Editor’s Note: This open letter was posted first on the public figure Facebook page for JD Hall]