Rosaria Butterfield *On Audio* Promoting “Preferred (Transgender) Pronouns” in Name of Hospitality

Any sensible Christian knows that to assist people’s gender delusions by using the wrong pronoun is a sin. We cannot play pretend in regard to the gender God made them or lie about whether God made them male or female. However, Rosaria Butterfield, who we are beginning to refer to as Lot’s Wife, intentionally provides a [false] theological defense for such an abhorrent practice through her work on “radical hospitality.”

Lot’s wife affectionately looked back at her home in Sodom, and God turned her into a pillar of salt. Rosaria affectionately looks back at her time in Sodom and favorably describes the “hospitality” and “love” of what she calls the “LGBTQ Community.” Explicitly modeling her idea of hospitality from the gay ‘community’ she experienced while a practicing lesbian, Butterfield seeks to instruct the church about how we are to redefine the family, make a safe-space for homosexuals, and lie about whether or not someone is a male or female. Butterfield encourages Christians to follow the model she developed while running an LGBT flop house during her lesbian days.

First, a brief summary. JD Greear, the ‘woke’ president of the SBC (who mocked John MacArthur and encouraged Beth Moore in her rebellion, who said voting for Democrats was “great,” who said Christians and Muslims worship the same God, who recently spent time on stage ‘shaking his booty’ to cheering women while the SBC burns down around him, who called greed ‘equally as sinful’ as homosexuality) recently said that Christians should use the ‘preferred gender pronouns’ of transsexuals. In doing so, he cited the fabulously-named Revoice promoter, Preston Sprinkle, and referred to it as “pronoun hospitality.”

Numerous churches have left the SBC over Greear’s capitulation on this pronoun issue.

Greear is not alone in his capitulation on preferred gender pronouns. Pulpit & Pen reported as early as February 2019 that Phoenix cyclist and popular internet apologist, James White, no longer categorically opposed using preferred gender pronouns (it should not surprise us that he’s been defending Butterfield’s subversive compromises so vehemently).

However, the one laying the theological groundwork for this capitulation on Biblical ethics is Rosaria Butterfield, whose work on ‘hospitality’ has been the driving force in this Judas-movement.

Below is audio uploaded to third party source (in case it is deleted) of Rosaria Butterfield being interviewed with the ultra-woke Cru organization (for more info on that, watch this video).

In the audio, Lot’s Wife explicitly says that using preferred gender pronouns is an act of hospitality. The time-stamp is about the 6.45 mark.

Please notice the ellipses in the transcript. Listen to the audio to hear every important word. And here is the audio if you want it directly from the primary source.

Rosaria: “The gay and lesbian community is a diverse community-absolutely! So we don’t all have one journey into the community, and we didn’t have one story; but a very special person, who was there every time because she was my dear, dear friend-was a transgendered woman-and I call her ‘Jay’ in the book…”

Bob: “…And you use the female pronoun when you refer to Jay. Why do you do that?”

Rosaria: “I do. I do. in fact, I was asked, recently, at a biblical counseling conference why I do that…I would do that today, as a Christian by the way…because you have to meet and respect people where they are. And hospitality is- -I believe it is God’s ordained path for evangelism. In First Corinthians-when God tells us that no temptation will befall you except for that which he will provide a way of escape-I want all of our Christian listeners to know that, from the bottom of my heart, I believe that your home and your church is a way of escape for somebody… -somebody that God has called. But if your door is close or if you can’t get over yourself- and maybe I can talk a little bit about this- You know that we pray, “Lord may there be more of you and less of me.” We as Christians pray for a relinquished life. If that is so, then our churches and our homes are the way of escape-but that has not historically been the truth; right?”

Dennis: “Right. We’ve had a lot of judgmental walls and bars on our homes and our doors at that point.”

Rosaria: “Right; right.”


It would be best, if someone has “dug-in” on Rosaria to realize that she is a dangerous teacher who should remain quiet in the churches. Her work has served the LGBTQ agenda. There is no rational dispute of it.

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves” (Matthew 7:15)

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