Pastor Makes Church Drink His Bath Water, Says It’s Anointed Now

A video has surfaced online of a pastor bathing in front of his congregation, and then having the congregation drink the bathwater. According to reports, he claimed that it was ‘anointed’ because he soaked in it.

We kid you not.

The pastor and church are in Ghana, and once again demonstrates that extreme charismaticism is not the same religion as Biblical Christianity. Watch this horrendous monstrosity below.

GhanaWeb, a local news outlet, writes, “What is even more disgusting by the video sighted by on social media, is the fact that the ‘man of God’ soaked himself with his underpants, which absence from germs cannot be vouched for.

Unfortunately, a determined congregation who looked on as he soaked himself in the barrel of water with his feet and underpants, took turns to drink the water, all in the name of ‘anointing’.

As has been the case with such spiritual ‘routines’, the so-called man of God claimed he had been directed by God prepare the water for members because they were special.”

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