Facebook Bans P&P Admin for Scientifically Factual Statement About Gender

A Canadian admin of Pulpit & Pen’s social media accounts, Andrew Rizko, was recently banned for 60 days from Facebook for making a scientifically accurate statement about sex and gender.

The issue began when Rizko began to comment on an older post by Gender Inclusive Schools.

Their post, that biological sex is a “myth” is scientifically unfounded. In fact, the Medilexicon says that sex is, “The biologic character or quality that distinguishes male and female from one another as expressed by analysis of the person’s gonadal, morphologic (internal and external), chromosomal, and hormonal characteristics.

It’s a lexicon of medical terms. We think they would know that “biological sex” is a thing. In fact, the only problem with the term is that it has an unnecessary qualifier. The word biological is unnecessary. The term sex implies biology.

In fact, dictionaries that haven’t been undergoing in Orwellian Newspeak changes explain that sex is the same as gender, and that both are biological. Consider this medical dictionary

Notice that the above definition, after referencing gametes (a reproductive cell containing only one set of dissimilar chromosomes), states that it is “also called gender.”

And so, Rizko left a review on the Gender Inclusive Schools Facebook page with a comment that apparently the Tech-gods consider to be inappropriate. They seem to really, really hate science.

Rizko’s question is scientifically-minded and appropriately asked.

If investigators found a cannibal’s fridge of body parts, how many sexes could the coroner verify from looking at the DNA?

This was, according to Facebook, not in accord with their “Community Standards,” which apparently don’t make room for medical science.

The specific reasons from Facebook for banning Rizko is their claim that the comment goes against “Community Standards on dangerous individuals and organizations.

Apparently our Social Media admin, a harmless Canadian (they don’t even allow semi-automatic pea shooters up there) is a “dangerous individual and organization.” You know, because he referenced science.

The crazy Christians and their appeals to science, amirgiht?

Facebook claims that they banned Rizko and deleted his comment in order to “prevent and disrupt offline harm.”

The only harm to done by Rizko is an utter dismantling of “transgender” imaginary theory by asking a single question about chromosomes and science.

Facebook banned Pulpit & Pen’s publisher for claiming that Bruce Jenner was a man. Facebook banned Pulpit & Pen’s publisher for citing a medical textbook that calls transgenderism a mental illness. Facebook banned Pulpit & Pen’s publisher for arguing that illegal aliens who let their children suffer when by breaking the law are bad parents. This meme, which pointed out only two genders exist, was banned from Facebook. Facebook banned Franklin Graham for speaking his mind on a transgender ‘bathroom bill.’ Facebook even banned a sermon from Paul Washer because it was politically incorrect (they eventually reversed that particular decision).

Yesterday, Facebook made the news because it invoked its First Amendment rights when challenged over calling congressional candidate, Laura Loomer, a “dangerous individual” (the term they used for Rizko). The only way Facebook would have such rights, given the context, is as a publisher rather than as a public utility. And if Facebook is a publisher (as opposed to a public utility), they can certainly block or ban whoever they want. However, that also means that Facebook is liable for every single thing said on their platform.

Good luck with that.

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