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Facebook Bans User for Posting Paul Washer Sermon, Calls it ‘Hate Speech’

Evangelist, Paul Washer

Chris Michael Pantalone, a Christian man from North Carolina, was recently banned from Facebook for posting a link to one of Paul Washer’s sermons. Facebook, which also removed his post, claimed that it was ‘hate speech.’

Pantalone’s wife, Chastity, notified users that her husband was temporarily banned from the social media platform last week.

Sure enough, Facebook claimed that a post from HeartCry Missionary Society “goes against our Community Standards on hate speech.”

The post from HeartCry included a 9-minute clip that was initially delivered by Paul Washer. In the sermon, Washer spoke of Total Depravity, the Christian doctrine that teaches men are inherently sinful in all of our faculties and parts, as inherited from the Fall of Man in Adam.

This is the clip that Facebook considered “hate speech.”

The sermon detailed the teaching of Total Depravity, a doctrine held by many Christians that men are sinful from birth, as inherited in our nature through the Fall of Adam.

Washer is a world-renowned and highly respected evangelist who attracts tens of thousands of listeners at events across the globe. Washer has spent his life ministering to the indigenous people of Peru, and has preached the Gospel to people from hundreds of tribes, tongues, and nations. There’s not a hateful bone in his body.

Christians are being increasingly censored by the corporate technocracy. Watch the video and tell us, do you think his comments were hateful? Leave your comments below.

[Editor’s Note: P&P corresponded with Mrs. Pantalone, who stated that Facebook eventually did un-ban her husband, probably because of the stir it caused in social media]