Facebook Bans Pulpit & Pen Publisher’s Account (Again) for THIS Politically Incorrect Content

Facebook is continuing its banning, blocking, and throttling of material from Pulpit & Pen. A recent post about illegal immigration entitled An Epidemic of Bad Parenting is Killing Kids At the Border, and How Evangelicals Can Help got one of my Facebook accounts banned from the platform yet again.

That post put forth an argument rationally, reasonably, and politely that bringing your children on a dangerous and perilous journey so that you can commit a crime is bad parenting. The article in question encouraged Christians to provide charity and aid to destitute migrants and assist them in the name of Christ. It also argued for illegal alien parents to take responsibility for their actions.

The article reads…

…evangelicals should sail our mercy ships south of the American border to provide aid and resources to destitute peoples in their own home countries. Becoming a voluntary “refugee” places one at a higher risk of every known early cause of death. Simply put, with extreme exceptions, people are better off improving their lives at home than by taking the arduous trip to live illegally in another nation.

Right now, the bulk of American evangelical resources are being plunged into lobbying the U.S. government for senseless immigration “reform” in which U.S. taxpayer resources would provide a welfare state to criminal invaders. Evangelical resources would far better be spent sailing supplies, food, medicine, and educational resources to these impoverished areas than by importing poverty into the United States.

Facebook says that such thoughts violate “community standards.”

The article has been deleted by Facebook, and can only be seen by the admins of Pulpit & Pen.

A spate of unnecessary and tragic child deaths are plaguing America’s borders, and parents are to blame. A seven-year-old Indian national was found dead by Border Patrol in Arizona a day after her parents illegally brought her across the border into a desert with no water or survival supplies. That’s not the fault of the United States. That’s the fault of her parents.

Regarding the photo above, some have suggested it was the photo, and not the article’s contents, that got Facebook to ban the article. However, you can find this photo readily available all over the social media platform, as it was the most-viewed photo in the world over the last week and graces the covers of virtually all major media publications. However, those articles – still allowed by Facebook – instead blame the United States government for these unfortunate deaths.

If you want to blame America, Facebook will boost and tweak its algorithm to help. But if you want people to take personal responsibility for their own actions, Facebook will ban you.

As so many conservatives have testified, Facebook is busy censoring them in this fashion. Project Veritas revealed inside information from a Facebook employee (complete with internal documents) about how and why Facebook is intending to curtail the speech of opposing viewpoints.

I was banned from Facebook for saying Bruce Jenner a man (he is a man). I was banned from Facebook for saying that transgenderism is a mental illness (it is, according to the American Psychiatric Association). The first time I was sent to Facebook jail it was for calling Ed Stetzer a “honky cracker” (it was in jest, but some honky cracker with a bad case of white guilt in Menlo Park didn’t see it that way).

If Facebook is going to act like a publisher, it should be treated like one (including all the civil liabilities that accompany it). If Facebook is going to act like a public utility (meaning it’s not civilly liable for what someone does with their service), it should provide unfettered access to all points of view.

It’s just a matter of time before Pulpit & Pen is de-platformed by Facebook altogether. Facebook is giving us the final warning for our page and Pulpit Bunker group, both of which are massive and important ways for us to get out our information.

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