Facebook Bans Pulpit & Pen Publisher For Saying ‘Transgenderism’ a Mental Illness

Last month, Facebook banned me for 30 days for calling Bruce Jenner a man. You can read about it in this article, Facebook Bans Pulpit & Pen Publisher for Calling Bruce Jenner a Man, which received more than 29 thousand Facebook shares of people who didn’t think that stating facts was particularly hateful. Within a few days of being released from ‘Facebook jail,’ the social media giant banned me again for stating yet another fact; those claiming ‘transgenderism’ are mentally ill.

The post I made was sharing this article, which was simply reporting the news that the U.S. Supreme Court would allow the Commander in Chief to do his job, and use his best judgment in providing a capable fighting force. No doubt, Facebook probably considers the Supreme Court decision or our President’s decision to ban ‘transgender’ people from the military to be hate speech in and of itself. The article was a re-post of what was first written at LifeSite News.

However, what Facebook probably took exception with was my comment at the top, “We should never want to send the mentally ill to war zones. It is not humane or loving.

What kind of heartless person would disagree with that?

Of course, what no doubt violated Facebook’s capricious, ever-changing, politcally correct “community standards” was the scientific declaration that thinking you’re the wrong gender is mentally ill.

But…enter science.

The American Psychiatic Association lists Gender Dysophoria as a mental health disorder. I didn’t make that up. It’s currently listed as a mental health disorder by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).

I don’t need a textbook to tell me if you think you’re a duck, and you’re not a duck, you’re mentally ill. And I don’t need a textbook to tell me if you think you’re a man, and you’re a woman, you’re mentally ill. But let me ask you, who do you think is a better expert on mental illness, Facebook or mental health professionals?

Since when is medical science “hate speech”?

I appealed the decision, and Facebook again insisted it was hateful. Facebook then asked for feedback regarding their decision. I responded…

What Facebook is doing is clarifying that in their opinion, science doesn’t accord with Facebook “community standards.”

For the matter of record, I need to clarify that when the American Psychiatric Association goes the way of the World Health Organization and removes this tragic mental illness from the list of disorders, it won’t change the fact that it’s still a mental disorder.

Finally, let me add that even though gender dysphoria is a mental illness, it doesn’t mean that it’s not primarily a spiritual illness. The Fall of man and its various outworkings of depravity affects man totally, including mind, body, and spirit. In this case, indwelled sin even affects someone psychologically to the point they become a living, breathing lie about God’s creation.

When people argue that Christians are somehow against science, remind them that it’s Facebook that thinks science is hate speech.

[Contributed by JD Hall]