Censored: See the Meme that’s Getting Christians Banned All Over Facebook

Facebook has waged war on science. Even though the American psychiatric community is in agreement that misgendering yourself is a mental disorder, Facebook has decided that reality is against their community standards. A new graphic, or meme, is circulating on Facebook and countless Christians (or others who embrace medical science) have been banned for sharing this simple image.

As I’m writing this, I am still banned from Facebook for posting an article that alleges the same as the latest Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM5). You can read about that in the post, Facebook Bans Pulpit & Pen Publisher for Saying ‘Transgenderism’ a Mental Disorder.

It works like this; if you’re a man and you think you’re a duck, you have a mental disorder.

If you’re a man and you think you’re a house plant, you have a mental disorder.

If you’re a man and you think you’re a baby, you have a mental disorder.

If you’re a man and you think you’re a woman, you have a mental disorder.

It’s really not complicated.

The meme that has so many science-minded, factually-based denizens of reality now banned from Facebook is below.

No doubt, scribbling over “mental disorders” with the word “sin” (an altogether true statement, as ‘transgenderism’ is a consequence of the Fall of Man which corrupted our nature) was additionally triggering for Facebook, which apparently doesn’t believe people can state scientific facts or express religious opinions.

If you post this article or meme, you will likely be temporarily banned from using Facebook.

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