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Video: Matt Chandler is Hip. He’s ‘With it.’

Matt Chandler is ‘woke.’ The charismatic-pentecostal who masquerades for some reason as a Baptist is a leading figure of the hyper-sensitive, beta male, evangelical snowflake leadership guild. Once considered theologically serious, Chandler is now widely thought of as a grossly compromised spiritual leader whose theology is little better than the average of what you might find littering the shelves at Lifeway.

Chandler claimed that evangelicals “lost their soul” for voting for Trump. Chandler shared his crazy prophecies on James Robison’s TBN program. He prayed Jesus Culture songs over his congregation. He’s endorsed Anne Voskamp, who wrote a book about “making love to God.” He’s also recently endorsed Beth Moore, who pretty much nobody with a Bible takes seriously anymore. He’s adopted the charismatic poppycock about binding and loosing spirits and the Catholic notions of Lent. Chandler has engaged in non-evangelic interfaith dialogues and has embraced radical Islamic terror organizations. Chandler serves on the radically leftist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, which runs the Evangelical Immigration Table, a front-group owned and operated by George Soros. He’s a friend of the abortionist-defending radical feminist, Karen Swallow Prior, who has done cameos on the Villiage Church website, arguing for gun control in bad neighborhoods.

But lately, it seems the thrust of Chandler’s mission drift has been focused on signaling his virtue as a racially sensitive, self-loathing, white-guilted Critical Race Theorist (like in this clip, telling us all to repent of our so-called white privilege or claiming his church would hire a less qualified black guy than a more qualified white guy).

In the meantime, are you familiar with this clip from pop-culture?

Yeah, nobody’s falling for that.

Well, here’s one from Matt Chandler that should be equally as common a gif for anyone in evangelicalism trying to be something that they are not; or perhaps, for megachurch pastors who are trying to look cool. Or, I don’t know, for virtue-signaling white guys.



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This video was taken at Frequency 2018 over the weekend. This conference, Frequency 2018, has a Critical Race Theory event with social progressive speakers such as Russell Moore, Eric Mason, Tony Evans, and Jackie Hill Perry. And from the looks of it, that privileged upper class white guy was having a really, really good time outside his gated community.