Matt Chandler Praying “Jesus Culture” Over Us All Last Sunday


Matt Chandler just made an excellent move. As we explained in this post, Matt Chandler announced that Village Church was leaving behind the unbiblical multi-site church model. Of course, he didn’t call the model unbiblical and he explained that making the churches autonomous was a part of a “vision,” but still, it’s an improvement. It’s unfortunate that Chandler’s charismaticism and New Calvinist tendencies so often plagues the brilliant and dynamic ministry of such an outstanding leader.

Chandler has taught the charismatic notion of “binding and losing spirits.” He has endorsed Lent, which has been a recent trend in New Calvinism. He wrote the forward for Sam Storm’s book, promoting the growth of charismania in churches. Chandler’s social-justice bent (again, typical among New Calvinists) had his Village Church partnering with radical Islamic groups. He claimed that theoerotic Ann Voskamp was becoming his favorite author.

And now, Chandler is not only promoting the NAR-affiliated music group from Bethel Church in Redding, California, but he’s “praying it over” us.

Jesus Culture began as a youth group at the gold dust-sprinkling, “angel” feather-falling, grave-sucking Bethel Church. The following video explains exactly how dangerous Jesus Culture truly is.


For one pastor’s view on why the local church should not support or promote Jesus Culture (or Hillsong), click here.  For more reading about why it’s dangerous, read here about “The Arian Snare.” For an explanation of New Calvinism and its unfortunate connection to charismaticism, watch this.

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