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Crazy Charismatics Worship a Bucket of ‘Transubstantiated’ Olive Oil

A weird trend going around in charismatic circles lately is the bizarre and comical claim that by placing a bible in a plastic bucket, that God will somehow perform a miracle of “flowing oil,” producing an olive oil soaked Bible in a bucket that, in the beliefs of these wacky nutjobs, is the real presence of God Himself manifest in this oil.

Oddly enough, this is very similar to the Pagan witchcraft that Roman Catholics practice during mass through their ritual of the Eucharist. A process referred to as “transubstantiation,” they believe that the bread and the wine become the true and real presence of Christ Himself manifest in these factory processed foods. Interestingly enough, however, the Catholics don’t appear to be after health and wealth in their worship of these idols. The charismatics in the video below are all after temporal blessings from their transubstantiated idol.

In the video below, you can see Johnny Taylor, pastor of West Metro Church of God in Douglasville, GA, proclaim that this oil is the manifestation of the presence of God, and invites everyone to come touch it to receive a blessing of having spiritual, physical, or financial needs met by God.