Pat Robertson Blames Disrespect of President for Shooting

“Violence in the streets, ladies and gentlemen. Why is it happening? You know what I’d like to give you is, the fact that we have disrespect for authority. There is profound disrespect of our president, all across this nation they say terrible things about him. It’s in the news, it’s in other places.

Robertson continued, “There is disrespect now for our national anthem, disrespect for our veterans, disrespect for the institutions of our government, disrespect for the court system. All the way up and down the line, disrespect. And when you lose that kind of respect, you lose authority. But more than anything, until there is biblical authority, there has to be some controlling authority in our society, and there is none.

Robertson wouldn’t be done placing blame on anyone and everyone besides the actual shooter without first twisting Scripture, “And when there is no vision of God, the people say, there’s no vision of God, the people run amok.”

Of course, Robertson was referring to the oft-quoted Proverbs 29:18, which says in the ESV, “Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint, but blessed is he who keeps the law.” Robertson seems to have been citing the New Living Translation, which says, “the people run wild.”

It is unknown at this time whether the murderer, Stephen Paddock, had political or religious affiliation. No reputable news outlet has reported his motivation (although the Islamic State has taken credit for it, claiming Paddock was a recent convert, and it has been reported that Paddock was a serial gambler who had recently lost large sums of money). No fear, however. Pat Robertson knows why it happened.

It was due to those disrespecting Trump, the national anthem, veterans and the court system. Of course, one would suspect that the majority of those at a country music concert don’t fit the description or stereotype depicted by Pat Robertson.

Robertson has a history of announcing the reason for various tragedies or disasters. He blamed 9-11 on the ACLU and the gays. He blamed Hurricane Katrina on abortion. He blamed the Haitian earthquake on a pact their ancestors made with the devil when they were rebelling against the French colonial government generations before. He blamed Oklahoma ice storms on peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians. There are many, many more.

One thing is for sure, sin is to blame for this terrible attack, and it is the product of living in a fallen world.

Maranatha. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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