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Sid Roth Claims 95% Success Rate in Converting Unbelieving Israelis

Sid Roth is up to no good these days. When he’s not platforming every wild-eyed charismatic with a prophecy, a potion, or a ploy to push, he himself is telling tall tales about his exploits while his gullible audience eats up every word and praise him for his “keen insights” and “supernatural favor.” During a … Read more

Hypocrite Dem Governor Asks State To Pray for 10-day-old Baby then Vetoes Born-Alive Abortion Bill

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear hypocritically offered up a prayer to God to save a 10- day-old newborn recently stricken with the novel coronavirus, then vetoed a bill that would have saved a 10-second-old baby from a failed abortion. Mercifully, the child was sent home and has been recovering well. The Democratic leader urged his citizens … Read more

Wyoming Passes Bill to Save Babies Who Survive Abortion

[Lifesite News] Wyoming is poised to become the latest state to ensure life-saving care for babies who survive botched abortions, thanks to a bill that just cleared its final legislative hurdle. Senate File 97 would require physicians to provide care for children delivered alive after failed abortions, even if a baby is deemed to have … Read more

Coronavirus is God’s Plague Upon Charismatics

Upon the top of Mt. Carmel in the 9th Century B.C., Elijah stared down the prophets of Ba’al and Ashera. They promised to be able to get their gods to move by decreeing and declaring positive confessions of their power. They beat their chests and screamed into the heavens. They cut themselves and bled to … Read more

Pro-Life Republican Supermajority Kills Bill To Abolish Abortion in Oklahoma

On Wednesday the Oklahoma State Senate tabled a motion to bring Senate Bill 13 — the Abolition of Abortion in Oklahoma Act — to the Senate floor. By a 38-4 vote, this act of cowardice shelved the bill for the rest of the legislative session and ensures that it will not be heard. SB 13 was … Read more

“Faith-Healing” Bethel Redding Church Closes Because of Coronavirus

“I refuse to create a theology that allows for sickness” Bill Johnson, Pastor of Bethel Church Earlier this week, I reported that the notorious New Apostolic Reformation Church, Bethel Redding, was cancelling its sought after “healing room” ministry amid fear of the Coranavirus. Reporting on the same development, the Sacramento Bee provided a quote from, … Read more

Missouri Now Prosecuting Jim Bakker Over His Snake Oil Coronavirus Cure

It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. The Missouri Attorney General has filed a suit against doomsday prophet, rapist, and tax-evader, Jim Bakker, for making his snake oil cure-all claims that we’ve been complaining about at Pulpit & Pen for years. We’ve written about Bakker’s venereal disease, AIDs, and coronavirus cure-all here, here, … Read more

When Faith-Healers Can’t Even Handle the Flu…

Bethel Church in Redding, California – which dumps chicken feathers, fog, and glitter out of its ventilation system to simulate a “glory cloud,” has a supernatural school of healing, and regularly tells tall-tales of raising the dead – has apparently closed its “healing rooms” because it’s afraid that all the touching involved will pass along … Read more

New Apostolic Reformation Selling Apostleships for $450

A growing number of charismatic evangelicals believe that the office of the Apostolate continues today. These include New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) leaders Michael Brown, Rick Joyner, Patricia King, Rodney Howard Browne and Bill Johnson. However, not all NAR leaders are selling “Apostleship” as boldly as the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders. Watch the video below. … Read more

Michael Brown Finally Names Names (Of Critics, Not Heretics)

After years of refusing to name names of problematic teachers and outright heretics, Michael Brown finally took to his webcast to bravely call out the names…of his critics. Names of charismatic charlatans who are milking the Bride of Christ for seed-faith offerings in exchange for parlor-trick miracles have still gone unmentioned by the New Apostolic … Read more

Ed Stetzer Invites Pro-Gay Speaker and ‘Nashville Statement’ Opponent to Billy Graham Center

Ed Stetzer, the disgraced former Lifeway executive who knowingly sold false Heaven Tourism books before being publicly exposed by Alex Malarkey, is now at the center of the leftist movement within evangelicalism. He’s now using hard-core leftist lady-preachers like Christine Caine and homosexuals like Wesley Hill to infiltrate Wheaton College, which now employs him. Wesley … Read more

Video: Bethel Cult Members Chant to Resurrect Dead Child

Late last Friday, Bethel Church pastor, Bill Johnson, announced that it was time to let the baby girl be buried. Thanks to the superstition and witchcraft promoted by his cult, thousands of its members were hopeful that they could raise the child back to life by their ceaseless chanting. Here’s a video of one of … Read more