Sid Roth Claims 95% Success Rate in Converting Unbelieving Israelis

Sid Roth is up to no good these days. When he’s not platforming every wild-eyed charismatic with a prophecy, a potion, or a ploy to push, he himself is telling tall tales about his exploits while his gullible audience eats up every word and praise him for his “keen insights” and “supernatural favor.”

During a recent interview with CBN Israel correspondent Chris Mitchell, Roth shared what God was speaking to the prophets about this whole coronavirus affair. When asked by Mitchell: “Sid, you’ve been having a lot of special programming during this coronavirus pandemic, what have the prophets been telling you?” Roth engages in some fantastic revisionist history and self-deception, asserting:

“The prophets are amazing prophets, because we have documented on film that they spoke these words before the events happened, and so they’re not echoes, they are voices of God.”

This is laughable to the point of being out of control with laughter. As we wrote earlier: “Kenneth Copeland claims to control the weather. Bill Johnson claims to make the blind see. Todd White claims to raise the dead. Mike Bickel claims to tell the future. But none of these men or women – not a single one – prophesied that coronavirus was coming. No, not one.

Like a parade of fortune-telling soothsayers and crystal ball-gazing seers, a multitudinous flood of charismatic prophets issued declarations about what would be coming in the year 2020. And on our horizon is the greatest health crisis of the last hundred years. Coronavirus will change, and already has changed, the world. Economies are collapsing. Entire industries are going under. Whole markets are faltering. People are panicking. Grocery stores are bare. And yet not one, not a single one, of these prophets saw it coming.”

After Roth talks about a “prophecy” from Tracy Cook that desperately tries to make it more than it is, and about prophecies and visions about how the cure for COVID-19 will come out of Israel, Mitchell asks him: “was there also a message to the church to repent and get right with God at this time?”

Roth, never one to let an opportunity for self-aggrandizement go to waste, takes the softball lobbed at him and runs with it:

“Very very strong, The major mark, if you will, of this next move of God’s spirit, is repentance, as a matter of fact, the most amazing thing happens to me almost every time I go to Israel. I have large evangelistic meetings….1000…I mean unsaved Jewish Israelis..and because the glory, the kabod…the manifest presence of God is strong, literally, there is 90%, 95%  of these unsaved Israelis, stand up, right after many have been healed in their seats, and they say a public prayer of salvation, so I am absolutely excited about the new beginning that God is giving the church, and it starts with us as individuals by living in rapid repentance.”

If it were true that Roth has a 95% success rate in converting unbelieving Israelis during these evangelistic meetings – that’s after he performs supernatural miracles before their very eyes – why wouldn’t he stay in Israel and build up the kingdom?

Also, he says he’s performing healings too? He’s like a more decrepit, less promiscuous version of Todd Bentley during his Lakeland Revival peak, where instead of kicking people in the stomachs to cure cancer (BAM!) he can whack them on the back of their knees with his cane to release the demoniacs ruminating around in their joints.

We’d ask the don of the charismatic church, Dr. Michael Brown himself, what he thinks of this, seeing as how he and Sid Roth are incredibly close and frequently partner together on his show, but given that he’s been busy not answering critics who called him out for the utter disaster that was his wolfish wager, we won’t hold our breath.

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