Pope on Twitter: ‘World Religions Invited to Unite Spiritually in Prayer and Fasting’

Pope Francis continued his wayward schemes by inviting believers of every religion- Muslims, Animists, Neo-Pagans, Charismatics, Satanists, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Sikhs, Christians, Jainists, Shintoism, Jedists, and every other religion under the sun to ” unite themselves spiritually in a day of prayer, fasting and works of charity, to implore God to help humanity overcome the coronavirus.”

This isn’t the first reference that Pope Francis has made to this antichristal idea. Roman Catholics have become notorious for their ecumenism of late, with Francis in particular ratcheting up the universality and similarity of the major religions. The date of the 14th is significant because it’s the ‘universal day of prayer.’

The idea of this universal day of prayer comes from the High Committee for Human Fraternity, which originated as a concrete response to the Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together signed by Pope Francis, Ahmed el-Tayeb, and other Islamic leaders during his visit to the United Arab Emirate last year.

The goal of this ‘call to action’ is to have all religions, faiths and sects engage in their respective religious activities according to their own traditions- the Muslims will pray, the Hindus will fast, the Sikhs will do good deeds, and all vice-versa, in the belief that these activities will appeal to God in some way and he will respond by ending the pandemic.

As other articles and authors have pointed out, the day of prayer contains no mention of sin or salvation. No mention of the need for forgiveness. No Mention of Jesus Christ, or his death on the cross. No mention of anything distinctly Christian, but rather sounds like what you’d get when the local high school invites the affirming United Episcopalian Pastrix to give a benediction over the graduation ceremonies; vague, pointless, useless, and blasphemous.