Hypocrite Dem Governor Asks State To Pray for 10-day-old Baby then Vetoes Born-Alive Abortion Bill

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear hypocritically offered up a prayer to God to save a 10- day-old newborn recently stricken with the novel coronavirus, then vetoed a bill that would have saved a 10-second-old baby from a failed abortion. Mercifully, the child was sent home and has been recovering well.

The Democratic leader urged his citizens after hearing of the tragic affliction “Let’s continue to send our thoughts and prayers out… This is a family that just had a miracle occur and now are living through a nightmare. So, everything that we can do, let’s make sure that we do.”

A few days later, he vetoed a bill that had overwhelming bipartisan support and was overwhelmingly popular. Bill 9, the “born-alive infant protection bill” passed the House 70-16 and the Senate 30-2, but Beshear kicked it to the curb saying during a press conference on Friday he “was just not doing divisive issues right now.”

In the time that Kentucky has lost 115 people to COVID-19 in the last month, more than 500 babies were murdered in the abortuaries.

Undoubtedly Beshear was not praying for them.