Kyle J. Howard Voting For Biden – Says Being Pro-Choice And Voting Democrat Isn’t THAT Bad

Kyle J. Howard went on one of the more morally repugnant and biblically faithless rants on social media yesterday, making several cases that can pretty much be summarized as “I’m voting for Biden because he’s not as bad as Trump, and there’s nothing wrong with voting Democrats because they actually want to reduce abortion, and not like those racist and xenophobic Trump supporters who don’t even care.”

Please read the next few screenshots carefully:

and these:

and this one, please:


Time to step in.

First, there’s no such thing as a pro-choice Christian. If you think it’s acceptable to dismember, poison, and chemically burn babies in the womb, you’re out of the camp, headed for hell, and need to repent and believe the gospel for the salvation of your wretched soul.

Second, many “demonize” pro-choice people because the insistence on murdering babies in the womb is an inherently demonic thing to do. If anything our language isn’t even strong enough. I cannot snatch out of thin air enough adverbs to paint a picture of how horrific these bloody child sacrifice practices we call abortions actually are. These are death fests. These are murder mills where they grind up babies made in the image of God, cutting them up into cornflake-sized pieces before they suck them up and out of this world into a jar of baby limbs and bloody eyeballs.

Light has no partnership with darkness. Baby Murdering is a zero-sum game. We’re not going to sit down with the baby killer and haggle over how many babies they are allowed to kill, in the same way we’re not going to sit down with a child molester and work towards a mutual goal of what age he’s allowed to start sticking his hands into children’s pants.

We’re not going to partner with the rapists to reduce rapes by agreeing which days of the week they need to stay home and out of the parks, and which days they can chase down terrified coeds with knife in hand and duct tape in bag. If they can only bring their roofie game Monday-to Thursday, but leave weekends alone when many women are out and about – well there you go. You’ve built consensus and have probably reduced rapes. Aren’t you glad they worked together?

Kyle – listen to me. They’re not going to give up their secular humanist sacraments. They’re not going to blaspheme their high holy days where scrapped fetuses are wrapped and rolled in garbage bags and placed at the altar of bodily autonomy for anything. We don’t want any part of safe, legal, and rare. We’re not working towards that. We want dangerous illegal, and unheard of.

Here’s another one:

One gets the feeling that despite the nuance he attempted to interject, Kyle doesn’t feel there is much difference in “voting for” and “supporting.” To vote for him shows that you support him in some way, even if it’s more than another person, which according to #kylelogic would make you indifferent to racism, which is probably a form of racism itself. There’s no one who can do a more an unconvincing denial that all Trump voters are racists quite like Howard.

When asked whether or not he’s downplaying the evils of abortion, Kyle points to other evils that Trump does – lying, being xenophobic, being a racist, and murdering people daily with insults, as if democratic candidates don’t do the same thing.

Biden lies. He cheats. He insults. He’s corrupt. He’s been credibly accused of sexual assault. He’s a creepy dude who treats women like they’re scratch and sniff stickers. He entrenches and seeks to enshrine mephistophelian practices like abortion and gay marriage and to expand their growth worldwide. But hey – at least he’s not a racist. And because he’s not a racist, Howard is going to vote for him, despite all those other character flaws.


Democratic party’s bread and wine

If you think for a moment that abortion won’t become more prevalent, widespread, internationally supported, funded, contravening laws undone, with “Plan B” lauded as plan A and abortifacient birth control pills given out like candy to kindergarteners, you’re sorely deceived.

Now don’t get us wrong, we don’t think Trump has been great on abortion. In many ways he’s been terrible and he’s getting a pass because he’s apparently a culture warrior and the pro-life movements are so spineless after 45 years of indifference and inaction that they’re now finally being roused by abortion abolitionists in Oklahoma and Idaho. But as much as they drag their feet and delay justice for the preborn, it doesn’t compare to the will the pro-choice politicians have to smother it and bring in a new golden age of vacuum aspirators and curettes.