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William Lane Craig and the Fate of the Unevangelized

On the most recent episode of his Reasonable Faith podcast, William Lane Craig, the world’s foremost apologist, responded to a four-year old blog about his position on a doctrine known as Universal Revelation Accessibilism. Simply put, to affirm Universal Revelation Accessibilism is to posit that unevangelized people can be saved despite never hearing the gospel … Read more

William Lane Craig Respectfully Responds to Pulpit & Pen

Without accusing us of “yellow journalism” on a single occasion (in stark contrast to a certain Phoenix apologist who doesn’t handle criticism so well), William Lane Craig dedicated an entire podcast episode to interacting with an article published about his views at Pulpit & Pen. Craig responded to Seth Dunn’s article, Three Things You Need … Read more

William Lane Craig Condemns Critical Theory

William Lane Craig is the world’s foremost Christian Philospher and Apologist.  He is best known for giving defenses of classical theism and foundational Christian doctrines such as the Resurrection of Christ and the Trinirarian nature of God.  Craig is not known to make waves among the Evangelical Intellegensia and the church at large.  In fact, … Read more

William Lane Craig's Affirmation of Roman Catholicism

In my first plenary talk on Sola Fide at the Reformation Saskatchewan Conference last weekend, I gave examples of the Roman Catholic Church’s heresies. I also gave quotations from modern evangelical leaders, including Wayne Grudem, Albert Mohler, Nabeel Qureshi, Greg Laurie, Rick Warren, Kenneth Copeland and James Robison that all suggest Roman Catholics can be … Read more

Three Things You Need to Know About William Lane Craig

In the last few years, William Lane Craig has surpassed Ravi Zacharais as evangelicalism’s foremost Christian Apologist. Craig’s name is most often associated with his ministry organization Reasonable Faith, which is also the name of his most popular book and his weekly podcast. Here are three things you need know about William Lane Craig. 1. … Read more

Watch: William Lane Craig Discredits Himself as a Christian Apologist

Many conservative Christians have been critical of renown apologist, William Lane Craig, and his methodology for defending the Christian faith. Critics cite everything from his apparent denial of biblical authority to heretical teaching on essential doctrines such as the Trinity. We believe the best way to discredit a flawed apologist is to simply let them speak … Read more

Michelle Williams Speaks Out About Sacrificing Her Unborn Child For Golden Globe Award

Female actress, Michelle Williams, used her golden globe speech to speak out about abortion, saying she “wouldn’t have been able to do this without employing a woman’s right to choose.” She accepted the award, saying: I’m grateful for the acknowledgement of the choices I’ve made, and I’m also grateful to have lived in a moment … Read more

Interview with E.S. Williams

Dr. E.S. Williams is a physician from England who also specializes in discernment ministry and has written extensively on problems within evangelicalism. JD very much appreciates Williams and his excellent ministry and sound presence for evangelicalism in the United Kingdom. Williams attends and serves the London Metropolitan Tabernacle, and you can find his books on … Read more

Uh-Oh: 14 Pages of Jarvis Williams’ SBTS Class Notes Teaching CRT, False Gospel Now Released

Pulpit & Pen is releasing 14 pages of class hand-outs from Jarvis Williams at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS). The hand-outs, created by Williams, demonstrates that he has taught radicalized Critical Theory, a false gospel, and is trying to indoctrinate SBC students with theological and political leftism. The Scripture-twisting demonstrated in these documents is truly … Read more

Gay Evangelical, Jonathan Merritt, Sticks Up for Democratic Candidate, Marianne Williamson as “Not a Kook”

Marianne Williamson is mostly known for one thing, and that’s being the weirded candidate for president on the Democratic primary ticket. As Williamson has gained notoriety for odd, New Agey, mystical orations during Democratic primary debates, she has a new ally in the press. Homosexual journalist, Jonathan Merritt – and son of ‘woke’ Social Justice … Read more

Ben Shapiro Rejects Jesus and Red Sea Miracle

Ben Shapiro is a blogger, speaker, and media personality who is held in high esteem by conservatives for his common-sense political commentaries. Because of his intelligent defenses of conservative positions, Shapiro has amassed a following among family-values-oriented evangelical Christians. Appealing to this base, Shapiro recently interviewed such influential Christians as John MacArthur and William Lane … Read more

Attorney General William Barr Calls for Investigation after Complaint Filed by DOJ Pride

Thursday, Pulpit & Pen posted an article on the newly introduced civil rights legislation, the Equality Act, As reported, one of the significant impacts of the legislation is the inclusion of explicit language that will prohibit discrimination specific to sexual orientation and gender identity (Transgenderism) in employment. However, the U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC) … Read more

Rowland Springs Baptist Church and the Demonic Cult of Freemasonry: Part One – Silence and Conviction

This entry is part 27 of 31 in the series Freemasonry

The following article is the first of a three part testimony about my experience with the cult of Freemasonry at my former church, Rowland Spring Baptist Church.  Rowland Springs Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist Church in Cartersville, Georgia and is a part of the Georgia Baptist Convention and Bartow Baptist Association. Pastor Joe Ringwalt stood up … Read more

Dear Andy Stanley: You are Marked

Dear Andy, I have a lost friend who grew up in a Baptist church but later left the faith.  He is in the demographic you are trying to reach.  I know this because I have read your ridiculous book Deep and Wide.  I am all too familiar with your wrong-headed and unbiblical mission to create … Read more