William Lane Craig Respectfully Responds to Pulpit & Pen

Without accusing us of “yellow journalism” on a single occasion (in stark contrast to a certain Phoenix apologist who doesn’t handle criticism so well), William Lane Craig dedicated an entire podcast episode to interacting with an article published about his views at Pulpit & Pen.

Craig responded to Seth Dunn’s article, Three Things You Need to Know About William Lane Craig, and gave a point-by-point meaningful response to his criticisms.

Over-all, Craig was vocally appreciative of Dunn’s article and his fair and balanced criticisms, which Craig thought represented his views well.

We pray that others might follow in Craig’s example and learn how to interact with gentleness and respect.

Pulpit & Pen appreciates Craig’s willingness to engage with critics and the spirit in which he did so, even though we do not appreciate much of his theology.

You can listen to Craig’s responses to Pulpit & Pen and Seth Dunn by clicking here.

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