Gay Evangelical, Jonathan Merritt, Sticks Up for Democratic Candidate, Marianne Williamson as “Not a Kook”

Marianne Williamson is mostly known for one thing, and that’s being the weirded candidate for president on the Democratic primary ticket. As Williamson has gained notoriety for odd, New Agey, mystical orations during Democratic primary debates, she has a new ally in the press. Homosexual journalist, Jonathan Merritt – and son of ‘woke’ Social Justice leader and former SBC president, James Merritt – has vouched for Williamson in the Washington Post.

In an article entitled, I Worked for Marianne Williamson: She Is No Kook, Beth Moore’s good friend evangelicalism’s gay BFF used the WaPo to do some work for the Democratic Party.

Williamson is Oprah’s personal spiritual advisor and is best known for her charismatic work, A Course in Miracles. A survey of her tweet history can easily demonstrate she’s as nuts as you would think Oprah’s personal spiritual advisor would be.

Merritt writes, “Williamson and I first met for lunch at the Soho House in New York City on Feb. 2, 2018. She sauntered in with the aura of a reincarnated Judy Garland – classy and charismatic, like a woman stepping out of a bygone era. Wearing a pressed black pantsuit, she used sophisticated words reminiscent of black-and-white films…

Merritt continued, “As a consultant to many authors, I often help writers structure their books before they get to a publisher’s editor. I worked for Williamson for five months in 2018, helping her to reorganize and rewrite some parts of her book “A Politics of Love.” I no longer work for her, and maintain no affiliation with her campaign.”

He goes on to explain what most people would call nuts, but Merritt seems to endorse, “Marianne told me she felt a stir in her spirit that I was supposed to collaborate with her on her newest project, so I needed to just go ahead and say “yes” so we could get started. During the months I worked for her, I grew accustomed to this kind of decisiveness and sensitivity to spiritual stirrings, but when Williamson first requested my help, I was somewhat mystified by her request.”

And yet, it sure seems like Marianne Williamson is, indeed, a kook.

But have no fear. The most un-closeted closeted homosexual liberal in evangelicalism vouches for her as totes legit.