Campus Crusade for Social Justice

One of the world’s most venerable missions organization seems to have gone fully woke. The former Campus Crusade for Christ, now known as the CRU, featured fourteen speakers at its annual leadership conference. Nearly half of their featured speakers’ bios made mention of race, justice, or social justice as a relevant detail.

Eric Rivera’s bio indicates that he is the pastor of a “multi-ethnic” church in Chicago. In fact, that church’s website advertises that the congregation is “diverse” on its homepage. The church’s small groups are called “real communities“. The implication here is that “real” community is based on ethnic diversity. To contrast, the Apostle Paul spent his ministry deemphasizing ethnic distinctions in the church.

Sandra Van Opstal is a “preaching pastor” at Grace and Peace church in Chicago, Illinois. Her bio indicates that she is “the co-founder and Executive Director of Chasing Justice” and “is a liturgist and activist, passionate about re-imagining worship that mobilizes for reconciliation and justice.” Her bio also makes mention of her ethnicity as if it was relevant to the gospel. Social Justice lingo aside, this woman, by her claiming to be a pastor, is a heretic in open rebellion against the created order of God.

Latasha Morrsion’s bio actually has the phrase “social justice” in it. She has been recognized by Ebony Magazine as a “community crusader”.

Darryl Lamar Smith is Cru’s director of “Oneness and Diversity.” According to his bio, he formerly was the executive director of Cru’s high school ministry. Somehow, preaching the gospel to teenagers has taken a backseat to “diversity”.

Daniel Hill actually wrote a book called White Awake. This graduate of liberal to moderate seminaries, according to his bio, serves a Chicago church that is focused on “reconciliation” and “social justice”.

James White’s bio say that he teaches a class on social justice and race at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Additionally he is a “diversity” consultant.

If you or your church sponsor’s a CRU missionary, you should strongly consider withholding your support until its leadership’s unhealthy focus on social justice is addressed. Remember that CRU, first and foremost, influences young , brand-new Christians. If its converts are being won to the social gospel, its best that bible-believing Christians refuse further cooperation with CRU. Remember, CRU has already removed the name of “Christ” from its official moniker. It’s not hard to imagine that it may also one day remove his gospel altogether.

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