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Michael Brown

Pulpit & Pen Resources Is Michael Brown Hiding His New Apostolic Identity? Michael Brown Displays More Gullibility and Lack of Discernment Defending Carl Lentz Michael Brown Continues to Deny the NAR, Defends Montanism Charismatic Gullibility, Dr. Michael Brown, and Discernment An Open Letter to Dr. Michael Brown Michael Brown: Sometimes Daily Downgrade Segments Just Write … Read more

Michael Brown Peddles Long Lost Prophecies From David Wilkerson

Dr. Michael Brown recently ruminated on whether or not a recently unearthed, possibly forged prophecy by none other than David Wilkerson could be a legitimate word of God. If you’re not familiar with that name, Wilkerson was an American evangelist, pastor, and charismatic darling. He was best known for his book “The Cross And The … Read more

Michael Brown’s Wolfish Wager Over Charismatic COVID-19 Prophecies

Michael Brown, chief enabler of all that is theologically weird and always eager to platform, promote, and advance every crazy-as-a-rat-in-a-coffee-can charismatic leader not named Todd Bentley, has shared some thoughts with us regarding coronavirus prophecies. Titled This is a Great Time to Test Contemporary Prophetic Words, the purpose of the post is to say that … Read more

Michael Brown Finally Names Names (Of Critics, Not Heretics)

After years of refusing to name names of problematic teachers and outright heretics, Michael Brown finally took to his webcast to bravely call out the names…of his critics. Names of charismatic charlatans who are milking the Bride of Christ for seed-faith offerings in exchange for parlor-trick miracles have still gone unmentioned by the New Apostolic … Read more

Michael Brown, Todd Bentley, and the Charismatic Cover-Up

[828 Ministries] Regarding the most recent Todd Bentley scandal, which includes allegations of homosexuality and polyamory, as well as other kind of sexual misconduct, Dr. Michael Brown said, “The internet is burning up with news of yet another scandal in the church, this time with serious accusations against charismatic evangelist Todd Bentley. What is God … Read more

Michael Brown is An Apologist for the Devil

Michael Brown is a popular ‘Christian’ apologist who is right on some issues, but damnably wrong on others. But more than anything, Michael Brown is an apologist for the worst and most extreme occultism of hyper-charismania. If you’re paying close attention, you’ll see that Michael Brown is an apologist for the devil. Most recently, Michael … Read more

Michael Brown Defends Kenneth Copeland’s Private Jets

Michael Brown, who’s warmly embraced as a sound brother-in-Christ by Reformed apologist, James White, recently took to Social Media to defend Kenneth Copeland’s private jets and his unhinged interview about the subject. First, Copeland made discernment news for what appears to be a demon surfacing at several points throughout a surprise interview in Branson, Missouri. … Read more

Michael Brown to Debate Sonny Hernandez on Limited Atonement

An interesting opportunity to see two drastically different sides of a soteriology debate with two drastically different personalities debate a highly controversial topic will take place on December 17. A “radio debate” will take place between Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Sonny Hernandez. Michael Brown is a Montanist apologist who regularly defends the most appalling … Read more

Michael Brown Retweets Claim His New Book is Word from God

Michael Brown is the chief apologist for the Charismaniac movement, giving vocal defenses and stirring endorsements for men like Bill Johnson, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, and Rodney Howard Browne. Sadly, the Michael Brown you see on The Dividing Line or on his program, the Line of Fire, is not the Michael Brown that you see … Read more

Michael Brown Affirms Kenneth Copeland as a Christian Brother

Michael Brown has published a new book, which he claims will call out the excesses of charismaticism. The book is called, Playing With Holy Fire: A Wake Up Call to the Pentecostal-Charismatic Church, and will supposedly rebuke those in charismaticism that have been polluting the bathwater, wherein supposedly soak lots of precious babies. Brown has … Read more

Michael Brown to Take Part in Upcoming Toronto Blessing NAR Conference

  Michael Brown, the charismaniac apologist who is affirmed as an orthodox Christian believer – to be promoted to the church – by Dr. James White, is appearing at the “Light the Fire Again 2018” Conference. It is associated with the Toronto Blessing. In fact, it’s the first thing you see on the website. It advertises … Read more

Michael Brown Has Been WHITE-Washed?

This post has been reposted here with permission and originally appeared at Churchwatch Central. We know that James White would not preach or tolerate a different Jesus, a different gospel or embrace a different spirit. So why is Dr James White coming out so strongly in public support of Dr Michael Brown? “I believe that … Read more