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Michael Brown is An Apologist for the Devil

News Division

Michael Brown

Michael Brown is a popular ‘Christian’ apologist who is right on some issues, but damnably wrong on others. But more than anything, Michael Brown is an apologist for the worst and most extreme occultism of hyper-charismania. If you’re paying close attention, you’ll see that Michael Brown is an apologist for the devil.

Most recently, Michael Brown defended Bethel from harsh criticism regarding their new gay-friendly agenda and (within the same news cycle) attacked discerning Christians for reporting on Todd Bentley’s homosexuality and polyamory.


Michael Brown is the de facto chief of charismatic intellectuals and is in many ways superior to most Second Wave charismatic scholars. Unfortunately, Brown is who hyper-charismatics turn to when trying to defend the indefensible. Brown can, in fact, oftentimes be found covering up traces of the occult in Pentecostal Christianity.

Here are just a few examples of when Michael Brown came to the rescue of hyper-charismatic scoundrels who were caught red-handed in heresy, personal scandal, or well-deserved controversy.


When Kenneth Copeland recently shook his finger demonically at a reporter and legitimately seemed to be possessed of devils (it was so notable that it sent a chill down the spine of secularists and Christians alike) in anger over his Mammon-funded private jet, Michael Brown came out to defend the Word-Faith prosperity hustler. Michael Brown took to publications to write defenses of Copeland, claiming that taking luxurious private jets saves money. Keep in mind, in spite of teaching the prosperity gospel and little-god theology, Brown affirmed Copeland – one of the most wicked ministers in the world – as a Christian brother.

In that case, Michael Brown also attacked discerning Christians and accused them of being too judgmental.


After Bethel Church in Redding was written about in the press for endorsing the use of “Christian Tarot Cards,” Michael Brown then went on his program to argue the occultic cards were relatively innocent and harmless.

In that case, Brown attacked discerning Christians and claimed they came to conclusions too quickly.


After Carl Lentz of Hillsong went on Oprah and made pro-abortion comments for which he was attacked by Christians everywhere, Jews like Ben Shapiro, and Papists like Matt Walsh, Michael Brown went out to defend Lentz’ pro-abortion comments. Claiming he reached out to Lentz privately, he guaranteed us Lentz didn’t mean what he said on Oprah and prayed that Lentz “would become a leader in the pro-life movement.” Of course, that did not happen and Lentz is more liberal by the day.

In that case, Brown attacked discerning Christians and claimed that they were too judgmental.


When it was reported that Hillsong New York (Carl Lentz’ church) had gay choir directors – while they were denying reports from Pulpit & Pen, before they were finally forced to admit it – Michael Brown took to the pages of Charisma Mag to claim that it was an untrue “Internet rumor.” After we produced evidence (a video of Brian Houston admitting to it), Michael Brown never issued a retraction.

In that case, Brown attacked discerning Christians and said they were guilty of spreading false rumor and false accusation (but it turned out to be 100% true).


After it was revealed that Bethel Church leaders and students were involved in necromantic “grave sucking” (laying on the graves of past leaders, trying to suck off their anointing) – an occultic practice – Michael Brown went out on a limb to defend Bill Johnson from the accusations. However, it turns out that Johnson’s own family was involved, his faculty was involved, and his staff was involved. They also continue to do it until this day.

At the time, Brown claimed that discerning Christians were falsely accusing Bethel Church. It turns out, that was a false accusation from Michael Brown.


After the press reported on a jaw-dropping display of sensuality and lasciviousness at Hillsong, in which they turned their Christmas program into an adult cabaret show, Michael Brown defended them, claiming that Hillsong’s explanations for why they did it should satisfy our criticism.

Brown then used the opportunity to shame discerning Christians for being too judgmental.


Discernment is a gift of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:10), and at every point possible, Michael Brown attacks that gift of the Third Person.

Brown lamented that Bentley was publicly outed (again) as an adulterer and abuser.

He wrote

I have no comment on the most recent accusations against Todd, since I do not know what is false and what is true. But I do know this (and it applies especially to those of us in leadership): God gives us many opportunities to repent in private before allowing us to be exposed publicly.

Well, Todd admitted in a video to most of the accusations, so it’s not hard to provide comment. And then, Brown went on to lament that Bentley’s sins weren’t kept private!

Can you imagine someone in the age of #MeToo complaining that predators weren’t given permission to keep their sins sealed until they were ready to deal with the damage control? That’s literally what Brown is suggesting.

Bentley sexually harassed interns, heterosexually and homosexually, propositioned subordinates for sex in exchange for money, and sexually preyed upon ministry followers (clergy sexual misconduct). And Michael Brown is upset that his accuser came forward!


Michael Brown is an apologist for the devil. It is absolutely insane.

Brown again attacks whistleblowers, writing…

If you have legitimate concerns about a ministry or leader (for example, involving sexual or financial scandals) make every effort to find a solid, mature leader willing to take up the cause. It may take time, but it is far better to take that time than to turn the internet into the world’s largest Christian gossip network. What a terrible shame.

Of course, Rick Joyner – Michael Brown’s good friend and Bentley’s mentor who “restored him to ministry” already knew about all of the accusations against Bentley and swept them under the rug until the accusations became public via the Internet!


We deny that any man who is legitimately filled with the Spirit can be so wrong on so many issues and lack even the most basic or fundamental lack of discernment.

Brown is, beyond a doubt, the chief finger wagger at those who call for any discernment in Charismania. The Brownsville Revival leaders used Brown as their token scholar to give their movement credibility, and years later, Brown is still the token scholar defending the indefensible.

The reason why Brown’s call to end the gullibility in charismatic circles will fall on deaf ears is precisely because the entire movement is founded upon the bedrock of gullibility. Discernment, an actual manifestation of the Spirit, is entirely missing from a community of believers who think that being slain in the spirit is anything but silliness or demonic mysticism. Discernment, an actual manifestation of the Spirit, is entirely missing from a community of believers who think that uttering gibberish nonsense words is the Biblical gift of tongues. Discernment, an actual manifestation of the Spirit, is entirely missing from a community of believers who look back at the Brownsville Revival with pride rather than embarrassment.

Discernment, an actual manifestation of the Spirit, is entirely missing from the very magazine in which Brown is published, which regularly highlights Jim Bakker’s emergency survival food as the solution to Rick Joyner’s apocalyptic prophecies.

The lack of discernment in charismania isn’t just something they need to work on, like being nicer or brushing their teeth more. The lack of discernment in charismania is indication that the Holy Spirit is not at work among those who light strange fires upon the altar.

The charismatic movement will not stop being gullible because without gullibility there is no charismatic movement.