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Michael Brown Defends Carl Lentz After Pro-Abortion Comments

Michael Brown repeatedly defends the very worst charlatans the charismatic movement has to offer. Michael Brown is not an apologist for God. Michael Brown is an apologist for Montanism. People defending Michael Brown or treating him as a brother in Christ should not. He has clearly demonstrated that his is an enemy of the Lord Christ.

Michael Brown defended Hillsong when they were exposed for having a gay choir director and said it was only “Internet rumor.” When the evidence was released that they indeed had gay choir directors and not only Carl Lentz knew about it, but so did Brian Houston (as released in our Smoking Gun article), Brown did not retract his attack on polemicists and he continued to defend Hillsong.

Michael Brown defended Hillsong after their salacious, lascivious, prostitute-stripper Christmas program, and said people were “judging outwardly” (which we were, because we were judging a whorish-looking woman dancing in lingerie on their stage at church doing cabaret).

Michael Brown has defended almost every charismatic charlatan there is to defend. He has defended Benny Hinn from accusations of false prophecy (he said on the Pulpit & Pen Program that just because someone gives false prophecy doesn’t mean they’re a false prophet – it has to be intentional on their part). He has defended wild-eyed crazy woman (and ex-convict) Jennifer LeClaire and her “sneaky squid spirit” nonsense. He has defended faux-rabbi and omen-interpreter, Jonathan Cahn, and recently had the Cahn-man on his program.

The most recent act of Judas Priestery from Brown is defending Lentz’ pro-abortion statements on The View. Here’s the story.

Lentz – who was dressed like a mannequin at Forever 21 – appeared on The View and when asked if abortion was a sin, appealed to God as the only judge and said he wouldn’t condemn a woman for it. You can see the video below.

For context, you can see the full clip, here. Christians around the world were appalled at such an answer (maybe because they aren’t astute in polemics, or they would have expected as much from Hillsong), and even nonChristians like Jew, Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire and Papist, Matt Walsh, skewered Lentz – and rightly so.

Michael Brown – as he has twice before (the gay worship leaders and lascivious Christmas show) – came to the defense of Carl Lentz. Speaking of the criticism Lentz received from, well, pretty much anybody with a brain and conscience, Brown wrote the following

To be perfectly honest, if I didn’t know Pastor Lentz personally, my response would have been just as strong (and swift). It appeared that he dodged a very simple question, one that required a very simple answer…But because I have found Pastor Lentz to be both approachable and teachable, rather than comment on his interview first, I reached out to him directly.

Of course Lentz is “approachable” to Brown, because Brown is his chief defender whenever he does something indefensibly immoral. Brown continues…

What I learned is that he is passionately pro-life and feels this is something he needs to address much more in the future.

No, sir. No, I do not believe your gobbledegook nonsense words are “tongues” and I do not believe Lentz is “passionately pro-life.” That is dumb. There is nothing he said that was pro-life. He had all the concern for the unborn as a jellyfish has a backbone. Lentz is a traitor to Christ. We can believe our non-lying eyes and ears and call baloney on Brown’s claim.

Brown then lists a few places where Lentz has confirmed the sinfulness of abortion. This doesn’t make Lentz pro-life, of course. This makes him an unstable, double-minded man who quivers in his lady’s boots in the face of Joy Behar.

I know that many remain disappointed in Pastor Lentz and some believe his Twitter post was too little too late. But since he had made his position clear in 2015 (in a totally secular context) and has now reiterated that he believes abortion is sinful, I suggest that we pray for him and encourage him rather than throw him under the bus.

My prayer is that God will make Carl Lentz a champion in the pro-life movement, a clear voice of grace and truth, and one who also helps many of those who have had abortions to find new life in Jesus. To the best of my knowledge, Pastor Lentz would warmly welcome such prayers.

Instead, we should pray that Carl Lentz and Michael Brown come to the saving knowledge of Christ, because neither one know Him. You can see Brown’s soft-peddling of Lentz’ stance on abortion below.