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Update: Lifeway Peddling Gay-Affirming Prosperity Preacher For Profit

Remember the large kerfuffle that started last year involving Lifeway, the media retail branch of the Southern Baptist Convention, and their peddling of heretical materials for profit? It all began when Pulpit & Pen confronted Ed Stetzer, Executive Director of Lifeway Research about Lifeway’s promotion of Heaven Tourism books and other heretical materials in their … Read more

LifeWay and the Crimson Tide’s Defensive Collapse

Last Saturday, the Alabama Crimson Tide’s defense played a historically bad game against Ole Miss.  The Rebels gained 647 yards against the Tide and put 48 points on the scoreboard.  Amazingly enough, the Rebels still lost by 15 points.  Their defense was even worse than Alabama’s.  Such a failing is expected in Oxford.  Ole Miss … Read more

Lifeway Removes Controversial Teen Devotional After Online Backlash

Lifeway Christian Resources, the retail and sales arm of the Southern Baptist Convention and the bane of biblical Christians everywhere, pulled down the Teen Devotional ‘The Word According to Gen-Z’ after several examples of the bible translations they use in the book to make the scriptures more accessible and relevant to Gen Z readers (Born … Read more

Lifeway Author Tony Evans Partners with Trinity-Denying Heretic T.D. Jakes for Promise Keepers Conference

We don’t know why people don’t care that T.D is a Trinity denying heretic but with the number of conferences, he gets invited to apparently it mustn’t be a thing. In this case, Promise Keepers 2020 has revealed blockbuster lineup of speakers for their 2020 virtual conference. It is headlined by Tony Evans and also … Read more

Lifeway Is Hurting And We’re Happy

It was recently announced that Lifeway Christian Resources is feeling the financial squeeze due to the coronavirus. Sales across key channels are down 25%, further downward trends are expected, and as a result they are cutting their budget some $30 million, or approximately 10%. This announcement follows in the wake of an earlier one where … Read more

Propaganda: Lifeway Poll Says “Racial Justice” More Important to Evangelical Voters than Abortion

Lifeway Christian Resources, the heresy-peddling online retail outlet and research entity of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), happily reported this week that American Christians consider “racial justice” more important politically important than abortion when going to the polls. This, of course, exactly what the newly left-of-center SBC wants. The Lifeway Report said that 52% of … Read more

SBC/Lifeway to Host NAR Faith-Healing Event at Ridgecrest Conference Center

Lifeway Christian Resources is hosting a New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) healing conference at its Southern Baptist property in North Carolina. Lifeway is an entity owned by the Southern Baptist Convention that has a long history of prostituting itself for financial profit, and selling its soul to the highest financial bidder. This latest conference hosted by … Read more

Southern Baptists Put Lifeway Profit Above China’s Persecuted Christians

Acting as greedy colonialists and corporate imperialists indifferent to human suffering in China, the Southern Baptist Convention put Lifeway’s corporate profits above the poor Christian martyrs suffering persecution. China is a lead persecutor of Christians and one of the greatest violators of human rights throughout the world. China currently makes professed Christians report to the … Read more

LifeWay Employee Molests Kids at Church Camp

A LifeWay camp counselor was arrested in Arizona for child molestation. This is according to a Jun 14 press release by LifeWay “Christian” Resources. This isn’t the first time that LifeWay has hired predators to staff their church camps. Sammy Nuckolls, one of my college classmates from Williams Baptist College became a popular LifeWay speaker … Read more

Praise God. Lifeway to Close All Stores!

Lifeway is the largest retailer of heresy in the world. It is also the retail and sales arm of the Southern Baptist Convention. Peddling books from Oneness Pentecostals and other anti-Trinitarians, Roman Catholics, Properity Preachers, New Age mystics, omen-interpreters, Word-Faith Theologians, and even pro-gay activists, this entity of the Southern Baptist Convention has announced today … Read more

Mohler Clone and Former Lifeway Chairman Appointed to Replace Patterson at Southwestern Seminary

Adam Greenway has been unanimously nominated by the search committee of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to replace Paige Patterson as its next president. Greenway is another “Mohlerite” appointed to run a Southern Baptist entity, the latest in what is almost a complete take-over of the SBC by Albert Mohler and his towering influence. That someone … Read more

LifeWay Quietly Drops TD Jakes

For years Pulpit & Pen has been warning its readers about the dangerous and unbiblical material sold for a profit at LifeWay Christian bookstores, the retail arm of the Southern Baptist Convention. Despite its unhealthy and wicked dedication to serving mammon, LifeWay has engaged in a secretive practice of banning the most controversial heretical authors: … Read more

Good News: LifeWay Closing Retail Stores

LifeWay Stores, a leading seller of Christian books through its retail bookstores which are operated by the Southern Baptist Convention, and sells anything from rank heresy to Heaven Tourism has announced that they will be closing a number of stores due to an “accelerated rate of erosion.” Thom Rainer, President of LifeWay stated in a … Read more

Heresy Peddler: TGC Honors “Legacy” of Thom Rainer at Lifeway

On the day of Judgment, the typical crack-dealer on the street corner will have less wrath of God poured out upon him that Thom Rainer. What Thom Rainer has made a career selling, destroys not only the body but the soul. Lifeway ‘Christian’ Resources peddles literally every known heresy under the sun. They have abused … Read more