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David Hankins Undermines Southern Seminary from the Inside

It’s interesting that David Hankins – the very same David Hankins who instituted a moratorium on Louisiana College hiring graduates from Southern Seminary (consult page one, paragraph 3) because of their advocacy for traditional Southern Baptist Calvinism, is now serving as a trustee at Southern Seminary and is being nominated again for a second term. … Read more

Eric Hankins, Stop the Charade

Eric Hankins, son of Louisiana Baptist Convention Executive Director David Hankins and author of “A Statement of the Traditional Southern Baptist Understanding of God’s Plan of Salvation (Trads),” has recently been defending his semi-pelagian confession over at SBC Voices. This post is not about the doctrine of the Trads document but about Eric Hankins’ continued … Read more

Commentary: Learning from Steven Anderson?

Steven Anderson is not a Christian who I would, in any way, endorse. I told him that to his virtual face when he once joined me on my podcast (he was invited so I could make a point about assuming orthodoxy by litmus test). Anderson returned in kind, and said I was not a Christian … Read more

Masters University Placed On Probation by Accrediting Agency

Masters University, the school associated with Grace Community Church and the esteemed John MacArthur, has been placed on probation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). According to WASC, there are a number of deficiencies that Masters must improve upon for them to come out from under their probationary status. Reportedly, the four … Read more

Fact Checking the Worldview Weekend Newsletter

Well, the financial solicitation letter newsletter for Worldview Weekend has made its way out to their supporters, and to a few people who are not supporters, which is why we have it. It has all the doom and gloom, Elijah-complex sensationalism that one would expect from any ministry selling survival supplies. You may not know … Read more

An Open Letter to My Cooperative Program Loving Brothers at NOBTS

To My Fellow Students, I hope you can agree with me on something – New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary is the best seminary in the world. I’ve been a student there since 2009, slowing working towards my MDiv in Christian Apologetics. As a distance learning student, most of my classes have been at the Johnson … Read more

SBC "Traditionalists" Invite Believer in Purgatory, Pseudo-Universalism to Speak at Event

A group of Southern Baptist “traditionalists”* are taking part in an upcoming conference and have invited a speaker who falls far, far short of Christian orthodoxy. Leighton Flowers, who hosts the anti-Calvinism podcast, Soteriology 101, is organizing the event. It will take place August 11 through August 12, and is called “The Great Commission Summit.” … Read more

Baptist Leaders Demand Newspapers Not Criticize Entity Heads

Southern Baptists are our own best cheerleaders. The ubiquitous, distinguished sound of back-slapping can be heard long after the annual convention is held. Regardless of whatever stereotypical posturing-reboot the leadership masterminds (this year it was providing yet another chest-thumping denunciation of racism), we’re all sure it was ground-breaking, history-making and brave. Whatever dead horse we decide to beat, … Read more

Calvinism and Corruption: Louisiana College’s Real Story

This week, a news outlet that faithfully reports on Baptist news (obviously not the Baptist Press) – the Town Talk – reported that Joe Aguillard has been locked out of his office, escorted from campus, fired from his position, and had his title of President Emeritus removed. Rondall Reynoso filled us in on the details, … Read more

Louisiana College: Aguillard Fired!

**Editor’s note – This post was written by Rondall Reynoso and appeared first at Faith on View. It has been a long time since I wrote about Louisiana College. It has been just over a year and a half. I am writing today because there are developments that essentially put an end to a long and … Read more

An SBC Paper Finally Questions Russell Moore

The Baptist Message, the newspaper of the Louisiana Baptist Convention, has published an editorial from Will Hall that echoes much of the concern we’ve been bringing to you for about two years now. Unless things have changed at the Baptist Message from when Kelly Boggs used to run the newspaper, nothing is printed without the … Read more

Mohler and Gay-Affirming ERLC Fellow Talk #BlackLivesMatter

From the we should’ve written about this already department… Christianity Today reached out to “evangelical leaders” to ask what the pro-life community can learn from the #BlackLivesMatter, and vice versa. One can only wonder if the Downgrade will go so far in evangelicalism that we’ll soon see similar articles about what the pro-life movement can … Read more

SBC: Please Pass the Transparency

On December 9, the Baptist Press joyously reported that Louisiana College (SBC) regained its accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). They did not report why SACS removed Louisiana College’s accreditation, which was – in part – reporting from Pulpit and Pen that included: A secret committee on the Board of Trustees … Read more