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I’m Not Anti-Racist and You Shouldn’t Be, Either


No, I’m not “anti-racist.” I’m not anti-racist because terms have meanings, and only racist people are anti-racist. If that sounds non-sensical, hang on to your seat.

Words and Terms

A word is “a single distinct meaningful element of speech.” A term, on the other hand, is a word that has meaning (semantics) and most often refers to objects or ideas. Every term is a word, but not every word is a term. And “anti-racist” is definitely a term and no mere word.

Terms get to be defined by those who coin them because anything less is violence to language; verbicide. Verbicide is the intentional distortion of language. Biblically, verbicide would fit under the category of sin in the 8th Commandment because to intentionally distort the meaning of a term is tantamount to theft of its original meaning.

Paul Johnson of the Enemies Society would place it under the 9th Commandment, however.

A man who deliberately inflicts violence on the language will almost certainly inflict violence on human beings if he acquires the power. Those who treasure the meaning of words will treasure truth, and those who bend words to their purposes are very likely in pursuit of anti-social ones. The correct and honorable use of words is the first and natural credential of civilized status

Some might roll their eyes at this, but those are lesser men. More astute humans realize that while the word “anti-racist” merely means “against racists,” the term “anti-racist” means so much more. Just as “social justice” is more times than not antisocial and injustice and “reproductive health” is a term that means precisely the opposite of the words used, terms do not always follow the definitions of the words that comprise them.

The term anti-racist was coined by the inventor of Critical Race Theory, Kimberle Crenshaw. Critical Race Theory, for those who don’t know, is a Neo-Marxist philosophy derived from the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism (which seeks to divide people by race rather than socioeconomic status). Critical Race Theory is responsible for terms like white guilt, white fragility, white privilege, and the D.I.E. principles of “diversity, inclusion, and equity.” Entire books have been written on the connection between the term “anti-racist” and Critical Race Theory.

Anti-racism is falsely advertised as merely having an aggressive stance against racism as opposed to Non-racism, which takes a passive stance against racism. However, like most Marxist terms, there is a good deal of false advertising involved. What subversive ideologues want you to do is repeat their catchphrases and codewords like a useful idiot before you figure out what it means.

In order to understand what “anti-racism” really means, you need to understand what a “racist” is according to Critical Theorists. What they believe a racist is will help you determine if you are indeed anti-racist or not.

In Critical Race Theory (CRT), a racist is a white person.

You might have heard or read arguments from “normal” leftwing folks that all white people are racists and thought it was a fringe opinion, worthy of, at best, an eye-roll. However, this is the actual, real-life, and official opinion of Critical Race Theory.

In fact, the term “white fragility” in CRT refers to white people who refuse to admit they’re racist. In CRT, the most racist thing you can do is refuse to admit you are racist. The philosophy holds that all white people are racists, but that those who refuse to admit it are really, really racist. This notion is what caused a high-ranking official at Albert Mohler’s Southern Seminary to eagerly admit he was a racist in multiple videos (click here).

Watch this Critical Race Theorist on CNN explain what you must do to combat racism (#1 is to admit that you are racist).

In fact, Critical Race Theory holds not only that every white person is a racist, but that it is impossible for a black person to be a racist. This is because Cultural Marxists are verbicidal maniacs and have redefined racism itself. Their definition of racism is a formula: Bigotry + Power = Racism.

Because white people have “white privilege” and therefore enjoy power, they are racists. But CRT holds that black people do not have power, and even thought they can be mere bigots, they cannot be racists.

Interestingly, CRT classifies homosexuals as black (because they are oppressed) and classifies Jews and Asians as white (because they fair well in our society and are highly successful).


Ergo, in Critical Race Theory, broad assumptions are made about people because of the color of their skin. They presume that all white people are racists by virtue of being white and no black people are racists. The belief that broad-brushed stereotypes based upon melanin count are accurate is itself racism.

I do not believe in making broad assumptions about people because of the color of their skin. I would not presume that all white people must be racist any more than I would presume all black people like fried chicken and watermelon. While both the former and the latter might be true in some cases, to make such assumptions is pre-judgmental bigotry.

So, no. I am not “anti-racist” because I am not against white people, Jews, Asians, or other groups who stereotypically succeed in America. Neither am I against blacks, who may or may not enjoy privileges earned or lost by their parents.

To be anti-racist is to be racist. And contrary to CRT, I am no racist.