$20 Reward For Anyone Who Can tell us What the Heck this Chuck Pierce Prophecy Means

While we at Pulpit & Pen are highly trained in Charismaspeak, a recent “prophecy” by New Apostolic Reformation rockstar Chuck Pierce, the man Dr. Michael Brown believes is the prophetic bee’s knees, is so bizarre and puzzling that even we are stumped as to its meaning. We’re talking Voynich Manuscript level of coherence here.

As a result, we are asking for our reader’s help. Here is the relevant portion of the prophetic message from God. The first person of the Trinity. Shared by Charisma News.

“The turbulence of the air is creating a vibration so that when I hit the communication wires, they will make a sound that has not been heard. Let the wings that you have with you extend and catch the turbulence. Arise, that the vibration of the turbulence will cause the sound to resound in you. I am positioning you in a key place for communication.

“I am creating a new communication network throughout the earth. Position yourself on the communication line, for I have lines around the earth where I am speaking from Heaven. If you will position yourself out of the fray around you and stand in the line, you will hear how to walk into your prosperity ahead.

“When the transformers of this earth blow up, be the transformer of My covenant that will extend and create a communication in the heavens that the enemy cannot understand, but that My people can receive. Arise and transform and be the transformer, and as you extend your hand, you will be the guy wire of safety for many in days ahead.

“Lines are forming, so be careful how you draw a line in the sand this hour. There are many lines that are changing. Therefore, watch before you draw. For when you draw, I will come down and set a new order, and you must know that you are rightly aligned to draw that line. Many are coming into a place that they have not been before, and I am mustering an army. If you draw the line too narrow, you will attempt to cause My army to be lessened. Watch how you draw the line, for I am forming a new army throughout the earth.

The person who writes out a two or three sentence explanation of what on earth Ol’ Chucky is talking about will be sent a crisp $20 bill. If two people have an equally compelling case, it’ll be divvied up. Humour is not discouraged.

Please leave your response on our Facebook Page, as a response on Twitter, or here in the comments. We’d give more of a reward- but c’mon.