Video: Father Smashes Toy Baby Outside Abortion Clinic as Mother Kills Real One Inside

A heartbreaking video has emerged from a Flint, Michigan abortion clinic showing a father abusing and destroying a life-sized toy baby, and then encouraging his young daughter to do likewise, paralleling the scene inside where his girlfriend was destroying her own child.

The Christians who filmed the scene were abortion abolitionists, part of OneLife for Life, a ministry of OneLife Church. They were out preaching the gospel and pleading for the life of the unborn. They report that they spoke to this man and his girlfriend the previous day, where they begged them not to abort, offering to adopt the baby and provide care for the couple, but the couple refused.

When asked why they were doing this, the woman said that her own mother gave her an ultimatum, destroy the human life growing inside of her or else she would have to move out of her home. The woman chose death for this little one.

While she was inside, the father and their other daughter were waiting outside. In the video, the father smacks the toy into the vehicle, then the young child pulls out the baby, throwing it on the floor and starts punching it. She then lifts the toy baby up over her head and then smashes it on the sidewalk over and over.

Though it doesn’t appear in this clip, the Christians recount that the man was cursing at them and telling his daughter to punch the baby and beat it up, urging and encouraging her to keep on abusing it.

While this is a heartbreaking scene to witness, the group says that it wasn’t all loss. By standing in the gap and being present at this doorway of death, ministering the gospel of Jesus, they had one confirmed saved the day before.

Thank the Lord for these saints; go and do likewise.

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