Awkward: Pastor Shouts Out Names of People Who Were Skipping Church, Posts It to Internet

Most pastors probably feel like doing this every single Sunday, but it’s not often that they actually do it. It’s even rarer for it to be recorded and put on the Internet. But at least one pastor took a role call of those not in attendance and put them on full-blast.

Saying, “You must be faithful to the house of God,” Pastor Tim Deason shouted out the names of church folks who were skipping the service.

“You need church,” Deason said. “I’m trying to get you to Heaven, hallelujah.

The pastor differentiated from the first few names of those who were missing because they were away for vacation, which he excused. However, he then went on to mention the absentees who were away without notice and ostensibly missing just because.

You can watch the video below.

The pastor explained to the congregation that if the doors were open, the people were expected to attend. The church is a Oneness Pentecostal congregation, a sub-Christian sect that denies the Holy Trinity.