NWSL Christian Goaltender Refuses To Take A Knee During National Anthem

In a show of patriotism, leadership and courage, a National Women’s Soccer League player is trending after she refused to take a knee during the National Anthem, even as the rest of her teammates did.

Samantha Murphy, a North Carolina Courage player wore a Black Lives Matter shirt during the warmup, and when the announcer at the game read a message honoring victims of racial injustice before the game, with a time of silence and reflection, she took a knee in solidarity with her teammates.

But when it came to the National Anthem, this daughter of a war veteran did not kneel. In a move showing honor to her country, she proudly stood when no one else on her team did.

Samantha Murphy is apparently a Christian believer, with her social media feeds rife with bible verses and sermons, as well as links to pro-life messages and inspirational talks from Christian speakers.

Pray for this woman. As her identity is starting to be revealed, there is nothing but persecution coming her way.

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