Unsurprisingly, Kyle J. Howard Believes The Babylon Bee Is Racist

Kyle J. Howard, racial provocateur of questionably Crips-ish background, blessed our hearts three weeks ago when he announced that he was retiring from Twitter due to the trauma that participating there was causing him. We thought at the time his 10-tweet blaze-of-glory-do-not-go-gently-into-the-good-night exit was the right move for him and everyone else in his sphere of influence. We believed that his days of vexatiously poke-poke-poking the orthodoxy-bear with his theologically bent stick were behind him, and that he could take a break and step back from a place that was clearly taking a toll on his mental health.

Sadly, and perhaps cruelly, Howard is back to the brink, and the object of his ire is none other than The Babylon Bee, “our trusted source for Christian News satire.” Lobbing accusations that they are racists and that they publish trash racist articles, Howard took a swing at them for their latest article titled “Chick-Fil-A Temporarily Changes Slogan To ‘Eat Fewer Bats.” Howard writes:

It wasn’t the first time Howard took exception to a Babylon Bee article, making similar accusations back in 2019 when he labelled them as racists for commenting unfavourably on AOC’s intelligence and making much of her much-ballyhooed pro-socialism statements. He also lamented that Babylon Bee founder and creator Adam Ford is also a racist, having revealed his true colours when he fully supported the site and the editorial path they were on.

When one follower inquired what specifically about the article was racist, Howard elaborated:

“Micro-aggression” aside, when that inquisitive follower suggested that perhaps Howard was reading into something that wasn’t there and that the article writer wasn’t trying to communicate what he believed he was, he retorted:

Welcome back, Kyle.

Our bounty is back in effect.

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