Kyle J. Howard Announces Retirement from Twitter: And All God’s People Said “Amen!”

Blaming racists, micro-aggressions, and meany-pants Christians, privileged professional student and victimologist, Kyle J. Howard, has announced his retirement from Twitter.

We first brought to you highlights of Kyle J. Howard after he claimed he was too afraid of James White to be in a room alone with him (ostensibly because James White is a dangerous man, what with the bike-shorts and being all jacked up on Smirnoff Ice).

Then, Pulpit & Pen began to document Howard’s false autobiographical claims about having been a Crips gang member in high school (secretly, which nobody knew about at the time and there are no witnesses because his set is all dead). In reality, Howard was raised in a white and black household by two parents who are attorneys in an upper-class neighborhood with more white privilege than Rich Uncle Pennybags.

We offered a bounty on information related to Kyle J. Howard’s absurd claims (increasing it on several occasions) and then a bounty on information related to his most recent claims of oppression.

Most recently, Howard claimed to have been victimized by white vandals outside an IHOP. IHOP then called him on it (on Twitter, no less), and he’s since been busy pack-peddling his victimology tale.

Today, Howard said ‘goodbye’ on Twitter because of all the H8rs out there who don’t believe his stories.

And then he thanked three of evangelicalism’s wokest and most liberal figures for keeping him in ministry (thanks, guys).

But now Howard is threatening to victimize himself with suicide. He has to leave Twitter so his kids can have their dad around.

However, all that “racial trauma” he experienced a number of years ago is coming back to haunt him. Does anybody have a tissue?

He’s got to get off Twitter or else he might just off himself.

But don’t worry, you can still support his Patreon. You know, or else…suicide?

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