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Rick Warren Hosting Global Prayer Event With Trinity-denying T.D. Jakes

Pastor Rick Warren of Purpose-driven life/ Saddleback fame (who also claims he’s a monergist who believes in the doctrines of grace) will be hosting a global easter prayer gathering this coming Monday, April 6.

According to Rick Warren

“The global pandemic of COVID-19 has changed so much about how our churches will experience Easter this year. This is the first time many of us will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus outside of church buildings. No matter what the circumstances are or how we gather together, the message of Easter remains the same: Jesus is the hope of the world.

As leaders of churches, this is a new challenge, but it is also a new opportunity to reach our hurting world as never before. Kay and I are praying for you and want to encourage pastors and leaders around the world to lead with courage, strength, and love heading into Easter Sunday.

Join us online Monday, April 6th, 8:00am PDT, for a time of prayer and worship alongside our friends and fellow church leaders across the globe…. We’ll pray for our churches, communities, and the globe united as the body of Christ to share the hope of the resurrection at Easter.

Simulcasted in 12 languages, and expected to reach millions of people, it’ll feature speakers and leaders like Rick and Kay Warren, Nicky and Pippa Gumbel, Tony and Mei Yeo, Laurent and Chantal Mbanda, Carlito and Leila Paes and T.D. and Serita Jakes and music From Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman.

Of those names, T.D. Jakes stands out as highest profile, as he’s best known for his viciously destructive teaching on the Trinity. Promoting a heresy known as modalism, Jakes denies the biblical teaching of One God, Three Persons, and instead replaces three distinct persons with three separate manifestations. From his ministry’s website, the Statement of Faith reads:

There is one God, Creator of all things, infinitely perfect, and eternally existing in three manifestations: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

This is pure heresy. God does not exist in three manifestations–they are three distinct persons. Further, Jakes teaches a popular heresy known as Word of Faith, and regularly partners with other false teachers, while fleecing his congregation for every penny possible.

It is no surprise that this infamous modalist would be invited to lead a prayer and invocation. Rick Warren and T.D. Jakes have been very friendly with each other over the years, with the two of them routinely sending each other warm exchanges and birthday wishes over videochat, and leaders from Saddleback having spoken it the past at T.D Jakes’ conferences.

Rick Warren has demonstrated over a 30-year ministry that he has no discernment and should never be considered a spiritual leader. The fact that he continues to affirm Jakes as a brother in Christ and as part of a united church body is a further demonstration of that.