Video: Abortion Worker Purposely Coughs On Sidewalk Counsellor

A sidewalk counsellor from Oklahoma is reporting that he was purposefully coughed on during a witness encounter between him and a clinic escort.

Under normal circumstances that may sound like a very benign headline, as we’ve seen sidewalk counsellors hit, pushed to the ground, have bottles and other objects thrown at their heads, threatened with violence, and even had guns pulled on them. Being coughed on would not normally rise to that level.

But during the middle of a pandemic where social distancing is religiously observed and coughing into one’s elbow followed by a spritz of hand sanitizer is the norm, this purposeful attack is beyond the pale. This is especially true given that the clinic worker was fully aware of the implications of what they were doing, as they had latex gloves and facemasks on, presumably for their own protection from the coronavirus during the course of their grisly day.

We reached out to the sidewalk counsellor and he gave us this summary of the incident.

The child sacrifice center in Tulsa, OK, officially known as “Tulsa Women’s Clinic”, has been turning healthy babies into mangled corpses for over thirty years under the leadership of multiple different owners. The man who currently fills the role of chief baby killer is greeted, coddled, and usually walked from his vehicle during his fifty-foot walk to the front door of the death pit by the same women, several of whom are themselves over retirement age, who also deathscort the murderous mothers from their cars to the mill’s front entrance.

Ever since the Gay Pride events of last June, 2019, they have been joined by a few young men from time to time, and the team of deathscorts have introduced rainbow umbrellas and vests to their official deathscort apparel. (And if you don’t think there is a strong connection via enthusiasm for the culture of death between abortion and sexual perversion, you haven’t really been paying attention.)

Many days of the week, we anti-abortion abolitionists engage in sidewalk counselling from the public easement and take what opportunities we can to preach the Gospel and offer assistance to the women who are taking away their children to death and the other people who accompany and enable them.

As the coronavirus scare was really ramping up, the Tulsa Women’s Clinic remained open for business on March 21, and I arrived before business hours, to find two deathscorts waiting in their car. Initially confused, thinking they were customers, I shared the Gospel with them until they emerged and I then recognized their faces, at which point I began to warn them of the wrath of God to come upon all those who materially aid and abet the shedding of innocent blood, the oppression of orphans.

One of them demonstrated the malice in his heart by deliberately coughing violently in my direction. Undeterred and trusting in the sovereign God of the universe, I continued to preach repentance and the Gospel of Christ.

Though the video posted above only shows the relevant offence, a longer video is posted here which shows the rest of the interaction. Near the end of the longer video, the sidewalk counsellor tells the man and woman:

You’re instead much more interested in perpetuating the holocaust that has led our nation up to this point. This nation deserves far worse, because we have all sinned against God. But you can find forgiveness today in Jesus Christ, even today, despite the fact that you have already destroyed so many children and played so many roles in destroying so many children-perpetuating the holocaust so much, Jesus Christ will still set you free today.

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