‘Revoice’ Homosexuals Host LGBT ‘Taylor Swift Party’ and Paint Fingernails

Karen Swallow Prior, the new “research professor” at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, endorsed the Revoice Conference both before and after it was held to “celebrate queer culture.” It turns out they’re still celebrating queerness, and this time doing so by throwing a Taylor Swift-themed party and painting their fingernails together.

This isn’t satire. They’re just that gay.

Revoice co-founder, Stephen Moss, and Revoice speaker (and Covenant Seminary student), Grant Hartley, hosted an LGBT party in honor of Taylor Swift’s 30th birthday.

Here’s Revoice speaker, Grant Hartley, talking about lusting after cute guys and painting his fingernails at the Taylor Swift party.

He posted a pic in celebration as well.

Here’s the gaggle of homos celebrating Swift.

They’re all having a gay-old time.


Revoice’s goal was to “celebrate queer culture.” This is it.

Just remember that a lady who endorsed (before and after) this garbage teaches at a Southern Baptist seminary. But hey, at least their gospel comes with a housekey, right Rosaria?

God gave them up unto vile affections…(Romans 1:26)

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